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BRAND NEW Episodes of ZTV Coming Soon
I'm in the process of getting some brand new episodes of ZTV in the can.  I would like to get everyone's feedback as to a good night for viewing the show.  I'm not going to be doing the long marathon 3 hour episodes anymore, I'm shooting for roughly an hour and a half or so for each episode, and the shows will be primarily focused on retro gaming (although if I get a good newer game to review I'm not against doing so).  I'm probably going to look into Friday, Saturday or Sunday with around 6:30-7 CST for a start time, but I'm open to suggestions or feedback.

I miss the weekend streams, and ZTV as well, so any of those days is good for it (even if I end up being the only who shows up)
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Alright, I think I'm going to go with Saturday Nights since that's when we used to have regular streams. I'm going to run a special DOUBLE HEADER this coming Saturday night at 6PM CST featuring ZTV's first ever GUEST CO-HOST! Tune in to see who is crazy enough to come play shitty games at the ZTV Studio! And we'll be using regular Discord chat, not voice chat, because it's kinda pointless for me to commentate on stuff that you guys won't see for another 30 seconds Tongue


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