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Had some computer issues
It's been a while... a LONG while, actually, since I've had any serious issues.

Well, earlier tonight all my fonts vanished off my screen. No text would display. I wasn't able to try all the solutions I found because I couldn't actually interact with or read any windows or messages. System restore failed, so I ended up 'resetting' windows, which is a win10 thing kinda like a soft format. I've been through worse situations, but boy did I not miss how much these dumb things can suck.

blah blah, long story short, I've got mumble and the Conan server back up for you guys, but there might be issues. If you encounter any issues, let me know.
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I have to say that Windows 10 reset thing has saved me tons of hassle with my dad's computer.

I mean, being able to reinstall Windows without losing your data? It's a real lazy man's option when you can't be arsed finding out what's actually wrong, and being that my dad only has 2 or 3 installed programs, you're losing pretty much nowt except a few hours you would have lost diagnosing/fixing the thing anyways.
Yeah, I agree, it's pretty damn nice.

It even saved ALL the program data it claimed to have uninstalled in a folder called 'Windows.old' - so I was able to recover my bookmarks through that, and if I run into anything else fucked I can check there to see if it saved.

I guess I was due, I was going on a decade without an issue, and the odds of that are insane.
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I should probably reinstall Windows more often than I do, since Windows pick ups and keeps all kinda pointless rubbish in the registry and shit that slows things down, but I dunno, I've always been an "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" type of bloke who'll use a thing even on its last legs.

I mean, if it weren't for security concerns and new program compatibility issues, I'd probably still be using that shitty old Pentium 4 with that same old install of Windows XP.
I'm pretty much the same way. I had programs installed on here from the early 2000's that were LONG past the point of working properly or being supported, just because I was used to them.

There's probably new things that do the same tasks but a thousand times better and faster out there, I just have to get off my ass and look now.

EDIT: Never have I been more relieved to see the words "Mod built successfully! File is ready for usage!" than just now. What a fuckin night.
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Reminds me of when I see something like "ERROR: English Premiership has not ended on season reset day 20/6/2017. Can't generate new season" when verifying my mods on FM, and I can't fuckin' find a single reason why it hasn't finished since all matches have been played and it ends up being something dumb like a single obscure checkbox being wrongly (un)checked, and I'm there for hours pulling my hair out and randomly changing shit I know is right just in fuckin' case. Makes me feel like doing a Francis Begbie impersonation.
I've been doing modding on Conan Exiles lately using UE4. It's got me feeling adventurous enough to maybe try modding FPW so I can do stuff like make head butts critical, but I downloaded the mod suite and Visual Studio and have absolutely no idea where to even begin.
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Christ. If you could get ahold of JB, that'd be your best bet as I know he knows most of the move data format. It'd be a simple case of changing 1 byte(the CRITICAL! type byte) on each move you wanna change using a hex editor. How you'd find those addresses is beyond me, but if you could get the move data format from somewhere(again, JB would certainly know) then that'd be a good start, especially if you could get him to tell you what file and address the move data starts in.
I don't know if it has anything to do with the last batch of updates but it seems my monitor doesn't like the sleep/rest mode anymore (it will just herp and derp and then say no signal) and I have to shutdown and restart. to get it to play nice again.
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I 've been attempting to connect to the mumble server many times without success, can anyone tell me when it's gonna be back up? Or is it back to the old IRC channel for the time being?
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