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About to give this SSD a spinning pile driver
So I'm building this computer from scratch for the first time in a good ten years. It's a been a slow labor of love as I don't want to ruin any fancy parts. As I fixed what I thought was my last issue, another hurdle appeared. Frankly, I'm about to smash the drive and just get a HDD. Before I go full "Fuck the Knicks" on it, however, I figured I'd ask you guys as google as failed me terribly...

The bios won't fucking detect the Solid State Drive unless it's in USB mode and when it is, it won't do anything with it. I've tried:
-turning off compatibility mode
-Removing the Blu Ray Drive (it detects this one)
-Differing cables
-differing sata ports
-updating the bios

I also went full shot in the dark and tried installing windows 7 while it was in the USB port, but it yells at me about drivers and won't detect said SSD.

If it helps, my Mother board is an Asus Z170-A.
SSD sounds defective, can you send it back?
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I wouldn't have a SSD in my computer. People go on aboot how the write limitations takes them to approx 5 years lifespan, and that's on par with most hard disks, but except for one, I've never had a hard drive fail on me in less than 10, and have one that's still going strong after 25 years.

Don't sacrifice quality for speed.
The speed difference is well worth whatever negatives it brings in my experience. It's a dramatic difference. And so far, there's been zero negatives for me.

The lifespan is only 5 years if you are writing the entire capacity all day every day for that entire time frame. Under normal use, it shouldn't fail any sooner than an average HDD. There are exceptions, of course, but then again, I've bought two HDD's that were DOA when I took them out of the box. Unusual? Yes, but it can happen.
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From my personal experience, every person I've known with a SSD has had an absolutely disasterous time with 'em, no matter the make or quality.

Ad I believe you that there's been HDs that've been dead outta the box. I've had all sorts, even from manufacturers you can typically trust, just go wrong for seemingly no good reason, or as you, just never worked.
Computer parts are pretty fragile in general, there's really no way to go through your life and NOT get something DOA sooner or later. It's not an indication necessarily of a bad company, it's just the law of averages catching up with you.
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Sometimes there's more than one "Mother May I" you have to look around in BIOS to make sure it's all working correctly. In particular Asus boards should have some sort of "HDD BBS properties" tab.

You might want to look more into the drivers, even if you're stuck using Win7 for a while.

If you happen to have spare data cables that might also be worth switching out.

Otherwise yeah, it might be the drive itself.
"Are you aware the skies are merciless?"
After purchasing another hard drive (HDD) I finally found the problem. Turns out there was just enough pull inside of the case to yank the cord from the power supply. This is why it would detect the BR burner and not the drive... So... as of today, my super computer is up and running and I'm fucking hyped.

...Bonus disc drives for the win?
After looking into methods to clone my original drive, all of the SSD issues I've ever had were solved. I can 100% confirm that the trouble to get it up and running was more than worth it. SSDs are the fucking gospel. You think your fancy HDD is cool because it's big? Bitch please. This mother fucking SSD cut the boot time DOWN TO A THIRD. Everything loads faster. Everything closes down faster. It shuts down faster. It reminds me that I should drink paint thinner faster. Everything the HDD does, this thing does better... Like being more expensive.

If you can afford an SSD, it's worth it.

That said, as I mentioned in my other thread about Win 10, I may actually pull the trigger as I can reclone my original drive any time I want. Welcome to the future, mother fucker.

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