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SoP TV Volume 16, 17 and 18 + Tributes 5
[Image: thumb_volume-16.jpg]   [Image: tributes-5.png]

Almost a year ago, I took preorders for SOP Volume 16 and Tributes 5. That's beyond inexcusable and on into ridiculous for someone to do to anybody, let alone to his friends. By my count, there were two Volume 16 sets (RD and Gabe) and one Tributes 5 (RD) that were sold. If this is an error and you bought one but the receipt has slipped through the cracks (over the course of a year things can happen) let me know ASAP and I'll get it sorted.

These sets are now printed and burned and will ship out on Monday, April 24th, 2017.

I will never take preorders again because of this incident and I want to offer a sincere apology and thanks to the purchasers for their EXTREME patience.

[Image: thumb_volume-17.jpg]   [Image: thumb_volume-18.jpg]

While preparing these sets for delivery, I've gone through the rest of my backlog of videos and produced SoP TV Volume 17 and 18. These sets are printed, and burned and ready for shipment for anyone who wants one. This is NOT a preorder!

I have five printed copies each of Volumes 16, 17 and 18. Two of the Volume 16's are already accounted for. Once these are gone, they're gone. That's it. Each carries the standard $25 price tag. I have no more Tributes 5's printed, but I have materials for up to four more sets if anyone wants one. Tributes 5 is $50 (it's 16 hours).

Volume 16 Content Highlights:

7/04/2015: Bubble Bobble 2, Die Hard Arcade, Golden Axe II

7/11/2015: Dead Connection, Contra, Commando

7/18/2015: DoDonPachi, Dragon Might, Fighter's History

8/29/2015: Knights of Valor Super Heroes

11/21/2015: Fallout 4

Volume 17 Content Highlights:

11-28-2015: Military Madness, Stunt Kids, Baltron

12-05-2015: Dynamite Dux, John Elway's Team Quarterback, Combat School

12-31-2015: Transformers Devastation, 7th Saga, Primal Rage, Ultra Street Fighter 4

1-09-16: Ultra SF4, Turbo Dismount

2-06-2016: Bebe's Kids

Volume 18 Content Highlights:

2-20-2016: SF5

3-05-2016: Grim Dawn, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

3-12-2016: SF5, Columns 3, Cavelon, Two Tigers

3-19-2016: Royal Pro Wrestling

4-05-2016: Killer Instinct (PC)

Anyone who wants to purchase a copy of one of these sets can do so by clicking here:

Clicking this link will allow you to send me any amount of money through PayPal. There will be a box before you confirm the transfer that says Special Instructions For Seller. Be sure you fill in this box with exactly which of these sets you're buying so I know what to send you.

Thanks again for your patience.
[Image: blocked.jpg]
Availability update:

Volume 16: 2 left

Volume 17: 4 left

Volume 18: 4 left

Tributes 5: 3 left
[Image: blocked.jpg]
Second availability update:

Volume 16: 2 left

Volume 17: 2 left

Volume 18: 2 left

Tributes 5: 3 left
[Image: blocked.jpg]

I got a last-minute order in Monday, and right after that I got a request to hold the shipping for a day or two, and I obliged. Now everything is set, all the packages are ready and I'll be dropping them off at the post office tomorrow, April 28th. Thanks for your patience!

Availability update:

Volume 16: 2 left

Volume 17: 1 left

Volume 18: 1 left

Tributes 5: 3 left
[Image: blocked.jpg]
These have all shipped. Thanks again to everyone for their patience, if there are any issues please let me know ASAP.
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