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R.I.P. Ruby Wilkes 1937-2016
I remember you telling me that whenever times got tough, that Paw Paw wanted you to always think of the song, Take It To the Limit by the Eagles.  In tribute, I wish to post it here to share amongst my friends.

I'd also like to give you a new song as tribute in my own special way that I know you'd appreciate.  I offer it not only because I feel it describes our relationship perfectly, but also to imply that your life is not merely over, but "TO BE CONTINUED".  Yes, Maw Maw, I'm gonna make a JoJo reference even now. Wink

"We'll meet again.  So, I won't say goodbye.  Only thank you."
[Image: ZE21KXS.jpg][Image: JOJO+TO+BE+CONTINUED.gif]Eat it everyday!
Shit, hope everything's OK

Sucks tremendously when things happen during the holidays.
"Are you aware the skies are merciless?"
As of 7:30 PM Central on December 26, 2016, my grandmother passed away. I wanna thank you guys for the support, and for you having us in your thoughts. My family appreciates it.
[Image: ZE21KXS.jpg][Image: JOJO+TO+BE+CONTINUED.gif]Eat it everyday!

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