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Crim's hand at streaming
Hey everyone. I am going to be streaming My Career Mode for 2k17 on Thursday nights. Z will be doing commentary, and all are welcome to join in on the fun. Well will be talking on the SOP Mumble channel and I will be streaming the game on my twitch channel Dr_Phil785. We are going to be doing the whole My Career Mode from the beginning. I will post more on when we will start.
If everything goes like I want it to, I will be streaming tonight at around 7pm CST. Hope to see everyone there. We will be talking on the SOP channel on Mumble and my twitch username is Dr_Phil785.
If everything goes according to plan I will be streaming tomorrow night at around 7pm Central Time. Won't be able to stream on the usual Thursday night this week. Hope everyone can make it. =)
Well it looks like I will no longer be streaming cause I might be getting a promotion at work, and if I don't get the promotion my shift is getting permanently moved to 2nd shift (3pm-11pm). Sorry if people are upset. I may try to stream on the weekends but will have to talk with people and see.
I will be streaming most likely WWE 2k17 My Career Mode at 7 CST. Hope to see everyone there. =)
Tonight's stream is going to be pretty chill. I don't really feel like playing 2k17, instead I will be streaming Skyrim on PS4. Everyone is welcome to join.
Going to be streaming tonight at around 7pm CST. If anyone would like to join you all are more than welcome.
Going to be playing some more 2k17 My Career Mode if anyone is interested in joining in.
Alright so I think I am going to switch the My Career Mode on 2k17 to Universe Mode. I have been playing Career for awhile now, and have basically gotten nowhere. I have done several matches and have lost only a handful, and the only thing I can say is my overall with the character is almost 90 and I have only moved up the ranking for the USA belt by one place. 

The main reason I am letting everyone know that I am changing modes is to give you all a chance to pitch me ideas for characters. If you any of you have an idea that you would like to see in this Universe Mode then please tell me and we can figure something out whether I stream making the character or you put it up for me to download. Either way if anyone is interested in sending me some ideas, and/or things they would like to see, then please by all means post it here. 

Talk with you all later.
Judging by what I've seen of you playing My Career, not very much has changed over the years in these kinds of modes. These games like having you put in random matches with random people while giving you "choices" to shape your path. And by "choices" I mean little things that you have to keep on doing in hopes that the game will decide that it'll actually give you something interesting to do that will hopefully lead somewhere. In the meantime, have a match with Roman Reigns at the Money In the Bank PPV even though you've made no effort to get into a match with him at a PPV. And don't think that just because you've beaten main eventers like John Cena, and Seth Rollins means that you're gonna get a title shot. Yeah, I think you're better off with streaming Universe Mode.

As for any contributions, I'd be happy to upload some of my edits for you once I get them done to use for your Universe.
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