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Z-Force's ZTV Birthday Stream
On my birthday which is this Sunday, I plan on streaming random games at random times, so if you're bored, tune in for all the FUN AND EXCITEMENT.  If you're following the channel, you should get notifications when I go live, I think.  The address for the ZTV Channel for those that don't have it is .  It's also accessible from the SOP TV page I believe.

Alright, for some reason, I can't stream anything anymore without a MASSIVE drop in framerate. I've tried fiddling with the settings, and nothing works. At first I thought it was just an issue with streaming Witcher 3 because Witcher 3 is a graphically intense game. However, I got the same issues with Marvel Heroes, even after running it in a window (which I thought might be the issue after running the fucking MANOS HANDS OF FATE GAME, which is essentially an 8 bit platformer, which there's no way it should cause any sort of performance issues) So basically, I can't do anymore livestreaming off PC games until I can figure out a way to resolve this.


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