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SoP Volume 16 & Tributes Volumes 5-6 preorders now available
[Image: volume-16.png]   [Image: tributes-5.png]

New SOP DVD sets are due to ship towards the middle or end of July.

Tributes 5-6 will contain the entire run of Alien: Isolation as played by Weehawk.

SOP Volume 16 will contain... something. The files are giving me fits right now, for some stupid reason. I'll get it solved, but for now I don't have specifics. Suffice to say it will be the usual 8 or so hours of content, it will contain my live demo of Fallout 4 and tons and tons of Random MAME.

Each of these sets will run you $25. I still take PayPal, but we're going to do things a little different this time - I now have a link:

Clicking this link will allow you to send me any amount of money. There will be a box before you confirm the transfer that says Special Instructions For Seller. Be sure you fill in this box with exactly which of these sets you're buying so i know what to send you.

EDIT: Just saw the typo, it's actually Tributes 5 and 6, not Tributes 5 through 7.
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