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Test Time Again
Alright guys, especially Red and Dave, take a look at the following video and let me know if you can even watch it. I have a good feeling the answer is no but I am checking anyways.

[Image: N28tOyw.jpg]
At that video quality, I'd probably be okay for 20-30 minutes, though I'd probably have to look away for more intense parts, but that's pretty normal. The two important things for this, for me anyways, seems to be framerate, which wasn't so bad, and graphic quality, which is what let it down a bit. That said, I imagine trying to get a good cap of such a demanding game might be a bit much.

A good example I can think of is when I'm at the kid's place, and this is in no way related to gameplay(I've honestly no idea if either is good or shite), just a comparison for the sake of example, both games running on an X-Box 360 @ 1080p, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, with its low res, low framerate graphics almost feels like it's trying to fucking murder me in the face, whereas Destiny, which runs at a good framerate(unless too much is going on at once) and at a decent resolution, I'm able to take like an hour or so.
This didn't nudge my motion sickness at all. Maybe at longer intervals like Davey is saying, but I think it'll be ok.
[Image: knives_striker_scott.gif]
Youtube kills the quality, it wont be that grainy for the live vids. Shouldn't be anyways
[Image: N28tOyw.jpg]
I'd just like to add that the game looks really freaking badass and fun in that clip.

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