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The Official Banner Submission Thread
I'd still go.
Okay, question for you guys:

I'm about to re-activate the banners here now that I've got ZOMG running again. Should SOP and ZOMG have their own unique sets of banners, or should they both pull from the same huge pool of them? There are pluses and minuses to both approaches and I personally have zero preference, so I thought I'd leave it up to you guys.
[Image: blocked.jpg]
Unique banners to each site, I think. There are things that only SOP would get and those in-joke things especially should be our own special hot sauce, methinks.
I haven't slept.
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Yeah, I'd go with that. There's also certain ZOMG stuff that only belongs on ZOMG, too. I mean, there's a lot of shit that should be in both, but I'd imagine that'd be a muckle pain in the arse though, so having 2 seperate ones is your best bet.
I agree, each site should have its own banners
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He's baaaaaaaaaaaaaack.......
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[Image: ZE21KXS.jpg][Image: JOJO+TO+BE+CONTINUED.gif]
[Image: DTdDqdsVAAASUow.jpg]
[Image: knives_striker_scott.gif]
[Image: knives_striker_scott.gif]
I propose multiple uses of the zoomed in Juggernaut eyes banner with various quotes from the Deadpool 2.
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