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Just something here in case someone can help someone else out here out-
AND/OR point each other in the direction they should be looking. Smile

Buy/Sell/Give/Trade We're all good fellows.


CPU stuffs:
- a cheap laptop/portable cpu. For the ability to type up e-wres-cards and still be proximate to JDwife, also JDcould use for college schooling of which JD pays. Don't care about if it's an awesome system, just functional with USB. Smile

- More memory for my pavilion cpu

Media stuffs:
-Dangermouse tv series


Battery powered noise-makers
-Look, I'm the last person to want to hold my hands out and ask for charity, but in this case I don't think it would be much of a problem.  If you have any old toys or devices that you have no use for anymore, please consider sending them my way as use for further facilitating my practice with circuit bending!  Even if you're walking through a local Goodwill store and see a couple of electronic noisemakers for a buck or two, PLEASE pick them up and I will find some way to repay you AND totally send good karmic vibes in your general direction.  You won't only be helping me out, but charity as well.  There are a couple of guidelines to follow with such devices;

GOOD: Walkie-talkies, miniature keyboard, anything that has digitally sampled voices or your standard bleep/bloop musical notes, and runs on 4 AA batteries or less

BAD: Usually anything that requires more than 4 AA batteries and/or exceeds a total of 6 volts in usage.  You can still bend electronics with more than that amount, but the amount of electrons flowing from point-to-point may cause a circuit overload and thus effectively render the device useless (and make me a sad panda)

VERY BAD: Anything that plugs into a wall outlet with an AC or DC adaptor...these devices run the risk of killing me, and I kinda enjoy being alive at the moment

-  $4681.00

- A smart and beautiful red-head female that likes to wear leather/PVC who is powerfully attracted to him.

- A pony.

- Microwaveable tacos that don't have onions mixed into the beef

- Doesn't really want a pony.

- A new career

- A week at a spa for, and not exclusive to, getting daily massages from someone who knows what they're doing and sitting in hot tubs for the rest of the days.

- A legit DVD of "$alvation", starring Viggo Mortensen and Dominique Davalos

- The Megaman and Megaman X game collections (PS2 or Gamecube)

- Obscure on the PS2

- Siren 2 (whatever happened to this game?) on the PS2

- For Sony to go back to the drawing board on the PS3 so that it is truly backwards compatible, is cheaper by about $200, and , y'know, WORKS.

- 24 more hours in a day

- If the leather-clad lovely red-head is out of the question, any smart intelligent attractive woman who'll have anything to do with him.

- For Frank N' Stuff to come back (chili INSIDE the hot dog?  Genius!)

- The complete Monty Python's Flying Circus on DVD

- And world peace.

[Image: knives_striker_scott.gif]
WWE CLASSIC figures.

I don't collect toys, but I have seen them and I want them all. I am weak.
I'm looking for a Sega CDX in decent condition and for a reasonable price

Also a copy of the Phantasy Star 1 remake for PS1 would be nice

The CDX is a nice machine to be sure, much improved over the hulky Sega CD/Genesis units.  I still need to get back on those games.  I think I'm right in the middle of Willy Beamish and just at the beginning of Dark Wizard.
[Image: knives_striker_scott.gif]
(03-25-2007, 04:08 PM)Red Dog link Wrote:RED DOG WANTS:

- A smart and beautiful red-head female that likes to wear leather/PVC who is powerfully attracted to him.

tsk tsk.
[Image: Sirens.gif]
(08-13-2007, 03:20 AM)LAVA GODDESSS link Wrote:tsk tsk.

Well, if you're going to make a wish list, wish big :-).  And I did put an addendum at the end to that :-D
[Image: knives_striker_scott.gif]
I saw it.

*shakes head*

Now do you care if she is a real red head or a fake red head? You aren't likely to find a natural Wink

[Image: Sirens.gif]
Well I found the CDX and 19 games for $140 shipped Buy it Now, so I jumped on it.  Most of the games are crap/stuff I already have but I Can sell em off and make some of the money back.  I was looking to get the system for $80-100 so this was a solid deal


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