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Random Insanity
Today we had a Fall Fun day at work.  I volunteered to run one of the game booths that our department was running.  The purpose of the game was to try and stack up cups while blindfolded.  The person running the table before me had two people show up to play.  Me, I sat and got paid to play with my phone for two hours, until this guy showed up to tell me how dead he thought my table was...

[Image: 6qu8TFX][Image: 6qu8TFX][Image: 6qu8TFX.jpg]
[Image: guesswhosback_zpsirtgpksy.png]
Just managed to sell a copy of Street Fighter Alpha 2 for the Super Nintendo for £80(approx $120). I feel like a commited daylight robbery.
Saw this on the facefook

[Image: n7utPH9.png]
Yor's world. He's the man.
Yor's world. He's the man.
[Image: knives_striker_scott.gif]

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