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Sickos On Parade TV
Check out SOP TV 24/7 at: - Click on the SOP TV button on the bottom right! New shows LIVE every Saturday night at 7PM CST!

Whew. I'm sorry I got distracted there at the end, guys. There's just not enough of me to go around sometimes! If I missed anything in the chat, PLEASE PM me about it, I promise I'm not ignoring anybody, there's just too much going on sometimes for me to see everything.

I hope everybody had fun and agreed the movie we screened was, indeed, one of the best ever. I also hope the two Shitty Games
entires for this week lived up to expectations. It was a long week and it took me a while to get them done properly, and I experimented with a few new things in doing them to see how it'd go. I'm already planning for next week's show, which may (probably will) include more EFW action. Hope to see you guys all back again!

The SOP TV autopilot now has enough content to have a 'standard' stream to which things will be added/removed over time. I've set that stream up and it is running right now: all five shitty game entries are a part of it, plus some of the other things you've come to expect from the channel. The one thing you WON'T see, either in the stream or On Demand, is the SOP TV Intro. That is saved for the live shows  Big Grin  Also, I've revamped the EFW TV On Demand section, it was BADLY out of date. Now, every single EFW match aired on Mogulus is available On Demand. Check them out!

Any questions/comments/feedback are welcome!
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Holy shit, that was awesomely awesome. The Karnov review sold it.
Another question I have is, will you be throwing previous live shows onto the stream or demand? I won't be able to make every live show due to my new job =/.
Most of the segments from the live shows will eventually make it onto the auto pilot at some point or another, so you should get to see them Smile
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Good to know =3.
Gotta say I hope I can make the live broadcast sometime. I <3 shitty game reviews.

Can you tell I'm excited? Tongue

(04-11-2009, 12:00 AM)Z-Force link Wrote:T-MINUS 24 HOURS TO SOP TV!

Can you tell I'm excited? Tongue
No. Get out.

It was cool to see everyone in there last night.  Loved the new reviews and all the Random Sickness ™.  I hope those of you who were seeing the SOP Drive-in Classic Movie for the first time are much richer for it :-).
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SOP TV is becoming a phenomenon! Smile  The two newest shitty game reviews were epic for certain


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