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New Castlevania game on XBox 360/PS3

HD trailer for the game (on the page should be a link to the Standard Def version, for people that don't make a hundred million dollars a year)

There's a little good and a little bad with the trailer.  The bad:  Game companies no longer know how to make an effective trailer.

How do you garner excitement for a game using a trailer?  Do you:

A. Put up a mix of gameplay footage and cinema footage, to sell people both on how it's going to play and how the game looks?

B. Only put up gameplay, because that's what people would be most excited about, since you can't play a movie?

OR C. Only put up cinema footage, and make sure it's short and completely pointless, thus impressing approximately zero people?

If your answer is C., then head to Konami's offices today, because you may have a job in videogame marketing!

The good is that the individual prominently featured is good ol' Alucard, pretty much almost completely saying-without-saying that he's going to be the main playable character, though it should be noted that it's the gameplay that makes a Castlevania game moreso than any characters.  That said, Alucard is still a solid character, so there's no harm in it.

I just hope the game's not like the PS2/XBox ones.  I know some people enjoyed those games, and to each their own, but I really couldn't get into Legacy of Innocence (and I'd tried many times), and I'm not playing Curse of Darkness until the price drops closer to 10 bucks than 20.

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