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WTF IS THIS SHIT!? (How long is too long for a boss fight?)

I just stumbled on this while reading, and I can honestly say that this is a prime example of what NOT to do in designing a boss, particularly an MMO boss. Not to say it was wise of FF11ers to go at it for 18 hours straight, but there's no reason to require it.
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Not that I liked Final Fantasy XI anyway, but I have to wonder what kind of insane a video game developer has to be to create a battle that'd take LITERALLY 18 hours to finish.  Maybe they were trying to appeal to the Korean crowd?  It sounds like more of a big deal there.

My one other thought is that they wanted it so this enemy would be worn down by multiple parties of players that'd invariably die/give up, to the point that some random party would inevitably offer the final blow.  Guess they didn't think that any one person would literally sit there for EIGHTEEN HOURS trying to take this thing down.  Even still, I wouldn't want to touch what Square was smoking.

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