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This nonsense needs to stop
I don't mind buying a special edition of a game I really like (like a Soul Calibur 4 or an Oblivion or something)  But not only are they going overboard and giving games "Limited" editions that don't really warrant them, but then we get these "Super" Limited Editions.  Halo 3 started the bullshit, and now there's like several thousand Halo 3 "Legendary" Editions floating around that can't even sell at the same cost as the regular version of the game.  Then you've got the $150 special mega editions of Gears of War 2 and Fallout 3 (that are only available on Amazon)  Then we've got this.

Seriously?  Do we really need $150 editions of games that aren't even proven IP's?  What a shitload of fuck. 

I suppose there's nothing wrong with it if someone's stupid/rich/insane/'dedicated' enough to spend that kind of money on a game.  What people do with their blow money is their choice, and if you don't want to put that much dough into a single video game, there's still the 60 dollar choice.

That said, I'm looking forward to Mirror's Edge, though I probably won't own it until it drops considerably in price, since unless a game can entice me to replay it a hundred times (example: Super Mario Bros.), I don't feel right dumping 60 bucks into a game that's 5 or 10 hours long.  Not that I haven't done it, but I'm catching on, if only because I can't afford not to nowadays.

...Regardless, Satan himself could appear in front of me with a machete and a dildo, or even a machete-dildo, and even THAT couldn't convince me to spend another 70 dollars on a game just to get a duffel bag.
I don't exactly see the problem either... It's just, instead of selling the game with a t-shirt or an art book, it's a $70 man purse. I guess there's a market for metrosexual gamers now. *shrug*

I plan on renting Mirror's Edge. Hopefully it can live up to some of the hype they created with the trailer.

And you lost me with that metaphor, my friend Sad. Satan holding knives and sex toys would make me quit games altogether.

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