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Team Fortress 2
I've been getting into this game a lot (on PC. Don't worry Aku. You know I'll get THAT system eventually  Tongue), and let me just tell you this: This may replace Puzzle League/Tetris Attack/Panel de Pon/The game with the sliding panels as my favorite game of all time. The class system is very well done, and each team member has a clear, defined role that MUST be taken into account if you want to win.


Scouts are fast, annoying little buggers who can rush caps, outrun and outmaneuver anything else. They attack as fast as they move too.

Spies need to be cunning and sneaky as hell. They have cloak, disguise, and the ability to instakill with backstabs (and believe me, if you can get back there and do it, you've earned the right.)

Engineers build stuff (and usually hide behind it) in order to guard key points. Sentry kills are some of the closest things to unearned kills you can get and still be fair. It becomes WHOLLY about placement and strategy with this guy. They can also build teleporters.

Medics [my main class] heal people, and their healing device has no ammo limit. In addition, they have a charged ability that takes about 30-40 seconds to activate, but it doesn't have to be charged at once: The Ubercharge. This thing grants the medic and his healing target 10 seconds of invincibility. Teamwork is literally built right into the class.

and so on.

It's amazingly simple, but simply amazing. The cartoony art style weighs lightly on recent graphics cards, teamwork is more important than EVER, and it just may be the most fun I have ever had playing a PC  game since Deus Ex.
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