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Thoughts on GTA4
I hate to dredge up an old topic, but I finally got a 360 and GTA about a week ago.

I'm not as impressed with the city as most people were. Most reviews said they were amazed at the detail and then slowly got to the point where it wasn't as great anymore. I can see all the hard work they put into the random pedestrians and drivers, but I quickly saw it's just extra layers added onto the same ol' GTA...

Though I do love some of the cabaret shows, and the one comedy act I saw was great. Bas Rutten was the first thing I saw on the TV, and that might be the best thing in the whole game. I guess Rockstar also enjoyed all those youtube clips of his self-defense video. Smile "OH! Look at the blood! *mimes blood squirting out of the other guy's face*" - too bad all of that isn't really the game, per se.

All the horror stories of the driving prepared me for it, so I adapted well. Thankfully there's a few types of cars that are easy to control from the getgo. My most humorous moments involve small stuff like getting a star for jumping onto a cop car. And driving around blasting people with the fire truck hose, only to end up getting swarmed by fire fighters when I was at a red light in front of the fire house; I wasn't even using the hose at that time! I think they must've saw some asshole driving their truck and decided to engage in fistacuffsmanship. And of course I get a star for taking one swing at them, so I ended up running a few blocks with the fire department chasing me on foot.

The main story is okay-ish, but it's Brucie who's somehow been my favorite character so far.

"Do I look like I have funny balls to you?!"


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