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Favorite Super Bowl Commercials
That's the only reason I ever watch the Super Bowl if none of my teams are in it. The commercials. My personal favorite would have to be the Bud Lite "I Can Fly And Then Get Sucked Into A Jet Engine Air Intake." However, the Bridgestone commercial when he almost hits that gay fitness guy (whose name I can't remember right now). It would be the best commercial EVER if he'd have just splattered his ass all over the pavement.

If you didn't watch the Super Bowl, go here,, and tell which one you like.
In my opinion, most of the commercials blew.  The Bud Light and 'Weiser commercials were some of the better ones.  The car commercial in question, where a car swerves around a deer, then Alice Cooper, then ALMOST decides to splatter Richard Simmons, was hilarious.

Simple as it was, my favorite was for a car insurance company, in which a smiley face proclaims something to the extent of, "People think your income or credit score determines how good a driver you are?  Well I say **** them!  Wait, you can't say ****?"  Yes, cheap profanity gets me everytime.  The FedEx one with carrier pidgeons was pretty good too.

Other than that, most of them were dull, with car advertisements being the worst.  There's a commercial that goes off about making the most out of life, or something to that extent... then I find it's a Dodge commercial.  I don't get what the perfect feeling of zen has to do with a Dodge Ram, and I don't think test-driving one will convince me either.
Dancing Lizards > Everything else

The commercials got better with each beer and mixed drink I quaffed, so my opinion might be skewed. I really didn't like most of them, though.

The lizards were awesome indeed.

But the E-trade Baby throwing up on himself wins my internets.
(02-04-2008, 10:12 PM)Z-Force link Wrote: Dancing Lizards > Everything else
I didn't watch the game. I would have barfed all over my cheese head. I DID however, watch highlights on the net and watch the commercials. The Dancing Lizards - two Lava thumbs up Big Grin

[Image: Sirens.gif]
Screaming squirrel.  Had a nice Ren and Stimpy vibe to it.

And I couldn't help but root for Hank and sing "Getting STRON-GAAAH"
[Image: knives_striker_scott.gif]

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