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My First Halo 3 experience
All I'm going to say is that I've been waiting to play certain video games for years now. I can be paitent enough to wait another week to get my copy of [insert high-profile video game here]. I've waited years, what's another week?
(02-02-2008, 12:36 AM)Z-Force link Wrote: Talk about Mass Effect not being a $60 game....

I told Vermin this story a while back, but I managed to get a copy of Mass Effect 10 days before the Street Date.  After playing it a few hours, and seeing that people were selling it early for a profit.  I slapped the sucker on Ebay and managed to get $120 for it (I probably could have gotten more if I had kept it unopened).  So some yahoo basically paid double what the game was worth just so they could play it a week or so early  Tongue
I remember the XBL conversation we had about the game X3.

"I got it at K-Mart"
"...You insult me, good sir"
"No really, they broke street date."

And it was true. Even better, all of the local employees didn't even know. My buddy went hunting for it, but every location was sold out.

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