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My First Halo 3 experience
I played Halo 3 for the first time on Saturday. I had some fun playing 2-player co-op with my friend (on the same system, mind you, so it was split-screen), even though I was standing in the middle of a large group of enemies, and before I could kill any, he'd already sniped them all, leaving me standing there with my gravity hammer, saying "Come on! Let me kill some!" But the thing that really got on my nerves was when we were playing multiplayer. He insisted on playing the Valhalla map, which was huge, and there were only two of us. Well, I jumped into the first Banshee I saw, gained some altitude, and tried to dive on him. Only after I'd already crashed into the ground behind him did I realize that the stupid game wouldn't let you put your Banshee into a vertical nosedive. While I was trying to get my Banshee airborne, he boarded my ship (and this thing can FLY, so someone boarding a flying vehicle is almost unheard of), kicked me off, and promptly killed me with it.

Needless to say, I got my ass handed to me.

Stupid Bungie.
I dumped Halo 3 like a bad habit the moment Call of Duty 4 came out Tongue  If you haven't played it, trust me when I say it's miles ahead of Halo 3

Meh, it took Halo's party system and broke it.Halo 3 is fun with the RIGHT people.
Add my gamertag, headhunter. It's the same as my Screen Name here. Just tell me who you are or I'll reject the Friend Invite.

CoD4 feels like CoD2's expansion, but set in a modern time to cash in... I mean, "simulate" our "boys" fight against those mean old arabs. It's the same game it has been since the first one came out.... Just like Halo 3. Halo 3 feels like Halo 2, only it's got a crappy melee system [Health takes priority over who melee's first, which is BULLSHIT] and the weapons don't suck so hard.

I HATE the level system in CoD 4, but I must admit that I dig the fact that a level 1 can annihilate a level 55. The level system fits the game and all, but CoD 4's just broken at times. I've shot people in the face with a SHOTGUN, only to be killed by a magical knife strike. Yes, just like REAL modern warfare! The Snipers are all the same, only differently named and the stats on them are all bullshit to begin with... Just like REAL LIFE!

CoD's one of the most hyped shooters out there, right next to Halo and Half Life. I'm not calling Halo perfect by any means, but I have more fun playing Halo 3 than CoD 4. But don't let my opinion stop you =3.

Trust me, I would play online....if I even had a 360. I had to play on a friend's that wasn't even hooked up to the Internet. We were playing split-screen. Sadly, my friend considered bringing CoD4, but didn't. I really wanted to play that, because I've heard from several people that it was one of the best games they've ever played (the campaign, that is). Even so, I turn 18 this year, so I might be able to talk my parents into letting me buy one. The computer we have hooked up to the TV downstairs does have Internet, so I could hook up when I do get one, but until then.....
When I do get the capability to play what games I want, here's my top ten list of games I would like to play through: (NOTE: Not all of these games are out yet, but are coming in the near future, except maybe for StarCraft II. Knowing Blizzard, it'll be delayed for about a year.)

1.  Mass Effect
2.  Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
3.  Assassin
(01-30-2008, 07:03 PM)headhunter228 link Wrote: 4.  BioShock

Excellent game, probably last year's best.

Quote:10.World of Warcraft

This isn't about WoW specifically, but I wouldn't recommend anyone get into MMO's. I've been playing them off and on for almost as long as this site has been online and I can tell you from experience that they are much more of a headache than they are fun. WoW will seem fun to you for the first couple of weeks, but after that you'll be sucked into the treadmill and it goes downhill in a hurry.

If you're going to play an MMO regardless, then do yourself a huge favor. Limit your playtime on it two one or two hours one or two days a week. It's going to seem like it's taking forever to get anywhere, but trust me, as a man who has been there before, this is the best possible way to truly ENJOY an MMO in the long run for many, many reasons.

[Image: blocked.jpg]
[quote author=headhunter228 link=topic=190.msg1730#msg1730 date=1201719809]
When I do get the capability to play what games I want, here's my top ten list of games I would like to play through: (NOTE: Not all of these games are out yet, but are coming in the near future, except maybe for StarCraft II. Knowing Blizzard, it'll be delayed for about a year.)

1.  Mass Effect
2.  Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
3.  Assassin
(01-30-2008, 11:44 PM)Akubarix link Wrote: A female friend of mine came to me with a problem a few weeks ago. She was horny and her boyfriend said no to sex. Now, typically shit like this happens the otherway around, right? So as I started laughing, she continued on with "It's because he wanted to level up his World of Warcraft character". At this point, I was almost in tears.

If I was playing some MMO and my girlfriend (if I even had one, but that's a whole different story I don't want to get into) wanted to fuck, I would get off RIGHT THEN AND THERE. I may be addicted to video games, but not enough to the point where my girlfriend can't make me get off by simply asking.

Project Origin is, essentially, the sequal to F.E.A.R. Homeworld 2 is a RTS that's a couple years old. I played the origional Homeworld and liked it, so I would at least like to check this one out.

Oh, and about my list, keep in mind that all I really have to go by right now is gaming magazines and word-of-mouth from my friends, and it does suck.
Never listen to reviews. 90% of the time they're just mad because they suck at the game or it's not simular enough to the clone cannon... Or if it's an exact clone of the 'game of teh yeer'.

"Professional Reviewers" are often bribed or completely biased. Even if these aren't the cases, giving a company's shitbucket game a bad review means "less advertising" from that company. In the long run, you can only trust "word of mouth". But even then, watch for out for the idiots/fanboys/"haters".

I remember reading in Game Informer "Monster Hunter Freedom needs a LOCK ON feature. The game's too hard, blah blah blah". Yeah, in other words, because they're pussies and Capcom didn't give them their 'round the world... They didn't like it. It happens with almost every game that isn't "OMG HYPE CANNON PLUS EXTREME... SQUARED!"

...Oh how I'm growing to hate the hobby industry I used to love.

Talk about Mass Effect not being a $60 game....

I told Vermin this story a while back, but I managed to get a copy of Mass Effect 10 days before the Street Date.  After playing it a few hours, and seeing that people were selling it early for a profit.  I slapped the sucker on Ebay and managed to get $120 for it (I probably could have gotten more if I had kept it unopened).  So some yahoo basically paid double what the game was worth just so they could play it a week or so early  Tongue


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