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Dynasty 6: How do they come up with this...
So, I remember Z-Force saying DW6 was coming out fairly soon. He mentioned it was going to feature "more stylished, martial arts-inspired attack strings, and more importantly "altered weapone sofr some characters". Naturally for me this meant fixing some of the "weapon complaints" from people like Dian Wei, Liu Bei, Xiahou dun, etc.

Well, this trailer is... confusing me:

Xiahou Dun's scimitar was replaced with a rather LARGE brick-club, which is pretty damned cool.

Dian Wei, however, appears to be wielding some sort of giant ball on a chain. Sun Shang Xiang uses a bow. Simi Yi is either swinging two very long, thin sword, or swinging his robe like a weapon like in Iron Monkey.

But most disturbing of all is at the 0:50 mark. Someone IS wielding 2 halberds - I guess it's the only way they felt they could make him even more powerful. Other than also apparently fusing him with Sephiroth.

All in all it looks neat, especially the new types of enemy attacks/wall scaling... but I'm not sure what to think about that Lu Bu change.

Within the next month, I guess I'll find out. Thoughts?

Edit:  hungh, at the 0:40 mark, it appears test-of-strengths will result in an actual attack against the opponent, instead of just some free shots.

Edit Edit:  1:20... Hooo boy.
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