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Super Sketch Bros: The Clash of the Crap
Super Sketch Bros: The shittiest game characters of all time duke it out to be the least shitty, all the while doing the digital gene pool a favor!

If there was a game like that, who would be in it? Keep in mind that lame characters from good games (like
Kurtis Stryker- MK3) qualify too.

so far, Karnov and Kurtis Stryker would be viable.
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Browsing the Shitty games section, here's some additional ideas.

1)  JJ & Jeff
2)  Kid Thief Toby
3)  DJ Boy
4)  The Strong Bads
5)  Princess Tomato
6)  Thrilla Gorilla
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I guess Urban Champion is such an obvious answer that he actually doesn't fit. He's so shitty he's just one of the losers who hang out in the badly-animated background of, say, the Gay Bar stage.
Urban Champion would be the final boss.
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Sephiroth (as the Sandbag)
Raiden from MGS2.
That guy from Wall Street Kid.
I have more... I have more.... *explode*
Ray Fillet. Ray Fillet. Ray Fillet Ray Fillet RayfilletrayfilletrayfiAHHH!!

Sorry. When you say it once, it's like a fucking hex and you keep repeating it. (Thank god he doesn't appear like the Candy Man if you say it too many times).
The hero character from Hydlide (the Dangerous Dan of RPGs)
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