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The Shitty Game Suggestion Thread-Box
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs... Probably the worst arcade game ever. If I could get MAME to work (at all) I'd save Vermin the trouble of playing through it and I'd replay (masocism isn't pretty folks) again and take token screen shots.

That's my first roll of the die.... I'll come up with a list later.
The Capcom one?  I thought that was pretty good (although not as good as Alien vs Predator)

You just named the MAIN reason why I want to get MAME running. I remember going in and beating that game on one credit.

I miss that game... "OVERHEAT! OVERHEAT!"

I don't think Capcom had their name on the arcade version, if they did then well... Even Capcom fucks up.
The laundromat behid my house had the AvP machine still there. wonder how much they'd sell it for.
Zacky: now that's gravy on 360, but on PC it's hooking you up with servers all the way in Germany and shit.
LordVermin: yeah, he's been complaining about that too, I think he was looking up how to call somebody a faggot in german the other night
Shit, I'd buy that machine as long as it's in good working condition (and assuming I had money)

Damn, I dropped $15 into that machine and I still didn't beat it. But that was a few years ago, when I was about 12 and didn't know any better.
I'll second thinking Cadillacs and Dinosaurs in the arcades was an alright game, and what little of Aliens Vs. Predator I played was pretty good, though if you were to suggest a Capcom beat-em-up, I'm more all about The Punisher myself.

But this is a SHITTY game thread, and my first nominee is one that I still may be the most horrible game of all time: Mortal Kombat: Special Forces.  A lot of people hated their first Mythologies game (starring Sub-Zero, and being a game I thought was slightly above mediocre myself), but Special Forces makes Mythologies: Sub Zero look like Streets of Rage 2.  The game's HORRIBLE. So's Fighting Force 2, which is sad, because at least the first was merely mediocre.  Then again, coming from Core Designs, I'm surprised the first wasn't migraine-inducing.

I mean, seriously, I played this the other day and the graphics are HORRIBLE.  All it is is a couple of white lines and a bouncing dot on the screen.  And where's the fucking gameplay?  All you do is moved the lines around so that the ball hits them.  That's it.  You just repeat that over and over.  Where's the challenge?  Where's the NAKED WOMEN, dammit?  This is the worst clone of DOA Xtreme Beach Volleyball I've ever seen.
[Image: knives_striker_scott.gif]
In all the shitty game videos I ever made, there was one game that stood out as the shittiest of the shitty, but not many have ever bothered to call it out (well except for Seanbaby)  That game is...


It's a basketball game with rappers.  I don't think any more needs to be said.

I remember trying to play Mad Max on an emulator at home. I couldn't even get past the freaking title screen, and I know for a fact that the emulator wasn't frozen.

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