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Fable Problems
Now, I know the webmaster's opinion on Fable ( IT SUCKS!!!), but I'd at least like to try it first. So, I bought Fable: The Lost Chapters for my PC. It installed just fine, but something called "Protection Stub" crashes, and then the game doesn't open. Now, normally this would be a problem for the technical support people, but it costs money to get technical support from Microsoft. So, I tried e-mailing the developer, but my e-mail gets bounced back by an anti-spam filter. I spent good money on that game, so I would like to at least play it before e-mailing Microsoft and telling them to eat shit and die. Does anyone even know what this "protection stub" thing is and, if so, how to fix it? I tried using the Program Compatability Wizard to fix it, tried reinstalling it, rebooted my computer, everything. It probably has something to do with the fact that I run Windows Vista on my computer. That was a dumb mistake on my part.
Amazing how everyone on here seems to be having problems with some PC game or another Tongue

Meh. I guess computers are like that.

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