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The Wide World Of Football
I find that strange, because rugby is basically legal violence. Although I guess only American sports(or at least sports where there's a pro league in the US as I know the MLS gets plenty TV time) are the only ones that are really shown.
(12-07-2007, 06:52 AM)Davey link Wrote: I find that strange, because rugby is basically legal violence. Although I guess only American sports(or at least sports where there's a pro league in the US as I know the MLS gets plenty TV time) are the only ones that are really shown.

Yeah, that's really what it is. In the winter it's gridiron football and NBA, spring it's NBA and baseball, summer it's baseball with a minor sprinkling of soccer. Somewhere in there hockey gets a few seconds of attention.

Right now it's Patriots, Patriots, Patriots, all day every day. Enough to make you sick.

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Over here you get so much sport it's ridiculous. Football, rugby, cricket, darts, speedway, gridiron, even stuff like surfing has at least a weekly show, with the previous ones all having a few hours at least(over 12 for football) of live coverage a week.

As for the Patriots, I don't know the story, but everyone I've asked seems to hate them.
I hate the Patriots for two reasons. One, they beat my Rams in tie '01 Super Bowl (yeah, I know the Rams sucked this year). Two, that's all we hear in the sports news. It's Patriots this, Patriots that, Patriots are going to have a perfect season. (note, the only team in NFL history that was undefeated and untied for the season was the 1972 Miami Dolphins). I swear to God, if someone doesn't beat the Patriots, I will personally go to wherever the hell they practice and see to it that Tom Brady (their completely overrated quarterback) never plays football again. Ever.
I hate that Brady will probably get the Most Valuable Player award when IMO, Favre has done a LOT more with a LOT less, thus making him more VALUABLE

That's one of the things that bugs me the most about Brady. Sportswriters and fans are ranking him up there with Unitas, Elway, Marino, Montana, and other legendary QB's. That comparison is sickening to me.

John Elway carried the Broncos to three Super Bowls with virtually no talent other than himself on either side of the ball. Dan Marino set the single season touchdown record HIS ROOKIE YEAR and went to the Super Bowl, again with no real talent to speak of on either side of the ball other than himself.

If Tom Brady is allowed to stand back in the pocket with no pressure and throw the ball, he throws as good as anybody ever has. But the question is WHO WOULDN'T? You could put Cleo Lemon or Joey Harrington behind his line with the receiving corps he has and they'd be having just as good a season. A Hall of Fame QB is a guy who does just as well when NOTHING is going right. John Elway and Brett Favre would move around, evade defenders, scramble for their lives trying to make a play and the sick part is they'd actually MAKE a lot of plays. Brady's NEVER had to do that and he's never shown he's capable of it. He's a guy with an extremely limited talent set who is behind an invincible offensive line and is playing in the perfect system to match his skills. That doesn't make you a legendary player, it makes you a lucky fuck with a butt-chin.

I'm sick to death of hearing about how good he is when anybody who looks at things objectively can see he's not that great regardless of what the numbers say. Favre is the best QB playing in the league right now even at 38 and in my mind there's not even any argument. If I had to pick a second and third, I'd probably say Peyton Manning and (sadly) Tony Romo. Brady'd be lucky to crack the top 5.

Even having said all of that, I still wouldn't hate the Pats so much if it wasn't for the media attention they get. The Rams in '01 started 11 or 12-0, the Colts went at least 9-0 three straight years or something like that, the '85 bears went 15-1, and yet if you turn on ESPN News, they've got a special news section on the crawler JUST for keeping track of the Patriots! It's not even fucking Sunday, nothing can happen to them on the other 6 days of the week, yet they're giving minute-by-minute updates on the Patriots! It's fucking ridiculous. And the sportswriters who are paid to ride his jock are as bad as game reviewers.

The Pats are the Halo 3 of the NFL. Nuff said.

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Sounds like the Manchester United problem we had in the Premiership a few years ago. Where Sky TV(Rupert Murdoch Inc., basically) were wanking off over them and pretty much anything that come up was about 'em, so everyone else started hating them to death.

Tim Tebow wins the Heisman!

*twitch* *puke*

While I would hate to attribute any kind of intelligence to Houston Nutt, he must of quit two weeks ago because he saw the writing on the wall. He obviously knew that McFadden wouldn't win the Heisman, and also knew that he would get blamed for it. So, he quit. Smart. Unusually so for Nutt.

Still, how the hell does a sophmore win the Heisman (btw, Tebow was the first sophmore ever to win the award) and a junior doesn't? He might have had a record-breaking season, but so did McFadden his sophmore year and he didn't win the 25 lb. trophy. Even though he won the Doak Walker Award (best college running back in the nation) two years running, he still doesn't get it. Well, that makes him the first player since 1949 and only the third player ever to place second in the Heisman race for two years in a row.

I can't wait to see the Patriots play the Cowboys in a battle of the two teams I hate more than anyone else in the Super Bowl  :Smile

I can wait. The Patriots is the only other team I hate more than those Cowboys. As my grandfather says: "The Cowboys are the luckiest damn team in the NFL." And they've proved that time and again.

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