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The Wide World Of Football
(09-08-2008, 11:08 PM)The Zacky link Wrote:Brady is such a pansy. When I heard about the injury, I pictured him taking a hit like a tractor driving into a brittle wooden shed.

I see the replay, and two guys go down, and slowly slide into Brady's foot. This causes it to snap like a twig.

I know he's not used tot aking a hit, but damn.
...Didn't you hurt your ankle just by... Walking on it wrong?

I forgot Brady's an unconditioned, 350lb fat guy.
Zacky: now that's gravy on 360, but on PC it's hooking you up with servers all the way in Germany and shit.
LordVermin: yeah, he's been complaining about that too, I think he was looking up how to call somebody a faggot in german the other night

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