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Vermin will have to update Jigglemania when Soul Calibur 4 comes out.....
Welcome back Big Grin
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And she picked my topic to post in Tongue

(08-13-2007, 02:18 AM)Z-Force link Wrote: And she picked my topic to post in Tongue

It's been a rough, drains the life out of you!!!!
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Don't I know it lol.
By the way, love your signature pic.  Storm making rain for the Bubble Dinosaurs to dance in - that's entertainment.
Hey, did you hear Elektra was a skrull?  I always wondered how they did the whole "oh, she's not really dead" thing :-)
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I didn't hear that, I haven't picked up a comic of hers in a while, I'm a slacker.

A skrull huh? Care to fill me in?

I thought they explained how she was brought back to life pretty well, and why she got some new spiffy powers due to her 'undead'ness. But I guess they might have ran out of plot lines. I don't like them messing with the basics from prior issues.

Perhaps its not as bad as I'm thinking...

(and thank you for the sig line comment, your not too far from what i was thinking...the lightning strikes are makin keepin' one's feet on the ground for too long a bit of a bad idea...hence the hopping...I had this moment where I wish I could add sound and it'd be "EEEE...Ooooo ...E!....oO....OOoo"

I'm not normal...)
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Sounds normal to me :-D

Elektra showed up as clan leader of The Hand and was trying get a young ninja girl they were trying to brainwash away from the Avengers.  Ninja Girl shakes off the brainwashing and goes up to Elektra while she's fighting Luke Cage and just impales her with a sword.  Everyone goes quiet for a few pages.  Wolverine suddenly starts sniffing the air saying, "where did THAT come from?" and they all look down and you see a big page of Elektra's corpse having become that of a skrull.  The implication being that this Skrull had been impersonating her for a long time and nobody could tell, not even Wolverine's senses.  So if SHE was a skrull, who ELSE is a skrull?  And I've not been keeping up with comics myself, my friend just loaned me some issues, so I don't know what they've been doing with Elektra since her cameo appearance in Punisher a couple years back :-).  And this is definitely retroactive plotmaking, they'll find some way to go back and change past events to make it look like the skrulls have been here the whole time or something.  That's the main reason I stopped  collecting comics (other than the fact that they kept killing off my favorite characters and cancelling their books).
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Does Wolvy still not have his adamantium claws? I stopped reading that one the day it happened.

Next thing you know Storm won't be able to fly.

We should just send them all to a nursing home and teach them to knit.

Ok, and Wolvy 'not' being able to sense something? So they strip him of his ad. AND of his pride. Nice of them. Real nice.
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Wolvy's senses are still as sharp as ever, it's just Skrull Elektra's disguise was that good.
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I think what LV(er... wait... Lava Goddess :p) said aboot the bouncing boobies on female computer games being mesmerising isn't that daft really.

I mean I dislike the whole "computer characters are sexy" thing, but I find nothing greater than bouncing boobies on female characters. As ridiculous as that sounds, it's not so much sexy as it is just that damn amusing. The more unrealistic it is the better, like Mai Shiranui or Dead or Alive 1 where they shake that much that if boobs that size really bounced like that it would break the poor girl in half. DoA1 was best at it. Where one of the girls would jump, and once she lands her paps would still be bouncing 30 seconds later.
I still remember being eight years old and first witnessing the original jiggly-boober, Chun Li (unless there was one before her?) with one of my best friends. We laughed for about 10 minutes.

"What the heck are those?"

"I'unno but I'm glad she doesn't use them to attack."

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