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Vermin will have to update Jigglemania when Soul Calibur 4 comes out.....

And people give DOA shit for being a pure T&A game Tongue  Either way, I get excited when new Soul Calibur games come out.  I keep hoping one will come out that's as good as the one on Dreamcast Smile

I've got a bunch of stuff that needs to be added there anyway, so why not..

*clicks link*

.... yow.
[Image: blocked.jpg]
I dunno, but I'm excited for a game that combines Soul Calibur's gameplay with DOA's uh.... jiggle factor

Not that I'm one of those sick perverts that buys games just because they have mega boobie factor, but if it's there, I'm not exactly going to complain about it either.

Pornographic. Neat.
Good to see that they're letting the fetish fan fiction guys do game design now.
They ruined SCIII, so now they're just going to keep going down hill with SCIV.... I give up on 3D fighting games.
I need to fire up Soul Calibur 1 on my new TV

I love the fuck out of that game. As I do SCII.
I've noticed the Soul Calibur games get less magical as time goes on.  Probably because neither SC2 or 3 were a huge jump over the original in terms of either graphics or gameplay (and SC3 completely messed with my best character, Ivy)  But I'm hoping this one lives up to expectations with the jump to next gen.  And SC Legends on the Wii looks like it'll be cool as well.

Well, they fucked Nightmare over. They took half of the moves I used to love and gave them to his sissy former "I <3 BEING GOOD!" self. Fuck that shit, Nightmare kicks 7 shades of ass. Seigfried is a fucking pussy by comparison.

I burned a copy of this game and I still want my money back. Namco can suck my shit.
Alls I knows is...I love Jigglemania...and I own a set of those things that jiggle myself. I'm so not offended. It is literally my favorite subset of this site.

I know that someone mentioned it was sexist or something (not in this thread), but...I, and since I'm female...I think that means something.

Hell, most of the time when I play a game I pick the female because well, I am one myself...but on principle because if the graphics are really good, the boobs are mesmerizing...

I can't help it. I think that makes me weird.

[Image: Sirens.gif]

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