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The Official Whistle Hunter High Score thread
Take a screenshot of your final score/rank image and post it.

also, report bugs/exploits if found, please. ;D
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A downloadable version?  SWEET! 

(Downloads it to his flash drive of games that he takes to work to relieve his boredom)

I wasn't able to get a screenshot, but I had like 210,000 and a rank of "Dice"  How the hell does one possibly get to a million points Smile

I was playing it at work just now (actually I'm in the middle of playing it as I type this)  In about stage 5 or so (second level of the second cycle) I noticed it wasn't properly counting how many grenades I have on hand. 

Also, this may be in the instructions and I didn't notice, but is there a way to pause the game?

The ranks were adjusted upwards to compensate not only for the additions of 1.1, but also for the things planned for version 1.2, which is going to include a few more extra goodies for the players. Theoretically, it is possible to reach one million points as is. It would require lots of extra men and body armor drops from the crates, and a few weapons as well, but it should be possible. After 1.2, it'll be much more attainable, though extremely difficult.

No, there is no pause function, though I'll see what I can come up with for adding one for 1.2. Best you can do right now is get to the end of a round and let it sit at the "Return to Start" screen, it should sit there indefinitely.
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[Image: whistlehunter.jpg]

The Standard has been set!

I got this one from Weehawk this morning:
[Image: blocked.jpg]
It's funny how while the game is pretty simplistic, it's got a certain charm and addictiveness to it Smile  The 1.1 upgrade was a huge improvement with the different weapons and other stuff you added

I've always believed the games that are simplest at their core are the most fun to play. The games I've always loved and consider classics have always been extremely simple mechanically.

Most of this (if not all of it) was actually slated for 1.0. I eventually got to a point where I was growing tired of looking at it and wanted to release the game, once I got it to a releasable/stable state I went ahead and put it out. The weapons, armor, and extra lives were all slated for the initial release. The other little changes I made that you might find are things that occurred to me while I was implementing the big ones.
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First run on it I got only RJ Gumby 302,957 or something like that
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