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(The Following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to real persons may or may not be entirely coincidental)


(Modern Day, at the ZTV Deathmatch Arena. For the last few years, a mysterious fighting organization, known only as ZTV Deathmatch has been the #1 Ratings Draw. Fans can’t seem to get enough of the vicious combat taking place there. What is most peculiar about this organization though is that wrestling heroes from the past appear and fight there despite the fact that they’re well…. Dead. No one knows why this happens, but the people love seeing their heroes of yesteryear fight once again and as a result, no one bothers to question the strange goings on.

However, roughly a year or so ago, a seemingly unstoppable warrior claimed the Championship of ZTV. This was a fierce fighter known as Boork Reznar. He crushed opponent after opponent en route to claiming the championship. However, once he did, his appearances on the circuit became more and more sporadic. With the advice of his nefarious manager, Raul Kleyman, he would make demands of more money just to show up, but when he did, he would crush the opponents put before him, often leaving the crowd in despair as they watched their heroes get crushed, one after another. As the story opens, Boork and his manager are standing in the ring, awaiting their newest challenger. Boork is mostly just standing around mean mugging and looking tough, occasionally bouncing around the ring while his manager talks.

Raul: My mighty client, BOOOOOOORRRRRRRK REZZZZZZZZZNAR has no equal in this world! He has crushed all challengers, and NOW apparently, the ZTV Deathmatch staff cannot even find an opponent worthy enough to be crushed by my mighty client, BOOOOOOORRRRRK REZZZZZZZZZZZNARRRRRRRR.

(Boork laughs and bounces around)

Raul: Apparently, there was to be a championship match tonight, but whatever fool they lined up decided discretion was the better part of valor and didn’t even show up tonight! So it looks like we’ll be taking the evening off since ZTV Deathmatch cannot even find a worthy challenger to get introduced into the Village of Suplexes by my client…. BOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRK REZZZZZZZZNAR!

ZTV Commentator Sean Scott: Geez… whaddya mean he’s not going to fight? It’s been 4 months since the dude even showed up last!

(As fans boo with this announcement, Boork suddenly appears concerned and shuffles up to his manager, grabbing the mic from his hand)

Boork: Whaddya mean Take the Night off?! If I don’t fight…. I don’t get to charge my exorbitant appearance fee! I’m gonna fight SOMEONE tonight, bring out anybody, I don’t care who it is! I’ll put this championship up against ANYONE from the back, I’ll send em to the Village of Suplexes and I’ll get my fight money!

(Fans are in a buzz now)

Sean: Well this is interesting, Boork Reznar doesn’t really talk much (mostly because he sounds like an inbred hillbilly when he does) But he’s issuing an open challenge for anyone to face him for the ZTV Deathmatch Championship of the Universe! But Boork has crushed most of the opposition, does anyone have the guts to face him for the title?

(As the buzz among the crowd intensifies, suddenly the lights go out in the arena. The crowd hushes and after a minute or two, a red spotlight hits the entryway, and a figure emerges from the curtain. He’s of medium height and definitely looks well built, although scars cover his body. He’s wearing long black pants with red designs and trim. He almost seems familiar for some reason, but the man is wearing a hood and veil, concealing his face, so no one can quite tell for sure. He slowly marches to the ring as fans look on, wondering exactly who this mystery man is. He steps into the ring and glances in the direction of the champion and his manager, the former of which nods and takes up a fighting stance, ordering his manager out of the ring. He reluctantly steps outside to watch. Boork hands his championship belt to the referee who holds it up in the air for all to see before calling for the bell. Just as the match begins, the mystery man turns his back to Boork and spread out his arms.

Sean Scott: What is this guy doing? It’s almost like he’s INVITING Reznar to administer one of his devastating suplexes!

(Boork walks up and grabs the mystery man from behind in a waistlock and lands a DEVASTATING German Suplex, throwing his foe nearly halfway across the ring as Raul cheers him on. Boork half sits up with a grin on his face as the mystery challenger hits the mat. But he doesn’t notice his challenger almost immediately springs back up afterward. Boork is oblivious as he slowly gets back up, thinking his challenger already crushed, oblivious to the screams of both his manager and the crowd. As he stands up, he is immediately drilled by a devastating roundhouse kick, sending him sprawling to the canvas.)

Sean Scott: A DEVASTATING kick, and the champion seems to be out cold! This is unbelievable! I… I almost think I’ve seen someone who had a kick like that but… I can’t put my finger on it!

(The crowd is in shock as the mystery man stares down at his fallen opponent. He could easily pin Boork for a 30 count right now, but he feels the need to drive his point home. He stares out at the crowd and slowly draws his thumb across his throat. Raul Kleyman is beside himself as the mystery opponent lifts the now dead weight of Boork Reznar up. He set up for what appears to be a vertical suplex, but instead, he drops Boork straight down on his head in a sudden, and devastating Brainbuster. Boork lands headfirst with a sickening sound, leading to the crowd go silent, as the champion is now lying on the mat, not moving except for an involuntary twitch here and there. The mystery man crawls over to his opponent and places one finger over Boork’s prone carcass. The referee jumps into position and counts. 1… 2... 3. As if there had been any question about the count at that point.

Sean Scott: My God… ZTV Deathmatch has a new champion, but WHO IS THIS GUY?! He crushed the undefeated Boork Reznar in two moves! Not to mention, he completely shrugged off one of his devastating suplexes!

(The crowd is in shock, as the referee hands the ZTV Championship Belt to this mystery man who seems to have appeared from the depths of Hell itself. Medics now have come out to tend to the former champion, placing him on a stretcher as his manager looks on in horror. Finally Raul turns to the mystery man and with mic in hand screams the question that everyone in the building is dying to know.)

Raul: WHO… ARE YOU?!

(Much to everyone’s surprise, the mystery man quite willingly reaches for the hood he’s wearing and begins to pull it off. For him, now is as good a time as any. After seven years, it was finally time for him to once again walk in the public eye after basically disappearing from the face of the Earth. For almost seven years, he had been preparing for this moment, he had been watching events from the shadows… events he had inadvertently put into place. He had put himself through Hell in preparation for this moment, for now was the time to finally fight back. As he finally removed the hood, the look of shock on the face of Raul Kleyman was only surpassed by the sounds of shock and horror that came from the crowd.)

Sean Scott: Oh my God, no way! It can’t be!

(The crowd knew exactly who this man was. Seven years ago, he had disappeared following a bitter defeat at the hands of his arch enemy. The world had breathed a bit easier, thinking he was gone forever. This man had been a champion in every organization he had been in, but had also brought untold chaos and ruin to every organization he had been in. And now, he was back. And he was the champion of ZTV Deathmatch. And no one knew what sort of chaos he would bring.

Mr. Z grabbed the microphone out of Raul Kleyman’s hand and raised it to his mouth. After a 7 year disappearance, he would address the masses for the first time...)

(Before Mr. Z can speak, Ring Announcer Sean Scott gets up from his announcers table in a huge tizzy and gets in the ring to confront him)
SS:  Mr. Z, what are you DOING here?  Haven’t you done ENOUGH damage in every other organization you’ve been in?  You destroyed the FFC!  You are responsible for ending the in ring careers of Z-Force and Sarah Jackson… You are the reason Na…..
(Mr. Z stops him)
Mr. Z:  First off little man, let me correct you.  My name is Zavdiel Ravenstein.  If you wish for any kind of response from me, you will address me as such.  
SS:  (Muttering to himself) You’ve got to be kidding me….  Fine.  ZAVDIEL RAVENSTEIN….  I can’t believe you’re here, I mean it’s been what, seven years since anyone last heard from you?!  I mean your actions caused the downfall of one of the most beloved wrestling families in history….
Zavdiel:  Don’t you think… I know that?  Don’t you think I go to sleep every night knowing I hurt a completely innocent person….  That I hear that person’s voice every time I close my eyes to try and sleep?  DON’T YOU THINK I’VE SUFFERED ENOUGH?!
SS:  (Deeply unsettled at this point but undeterred)  What are you talking about?
Zavdiel:  Listen…  For the last seven years, every night I hear that girl’s voice SCREAMING at me….  Reminding me of all the sins I have committed.  You are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT SIR….  I am a despicable, miserable soul.  I have committed so many sins and atrocities that I no longer deemed myself worthy to walk among normal civilization!  So I disappeared….  Left myself to suffer alone.  But now I am back…. And do you know WHY?
SS:  No….. No I don’t.  
SS:  So THAT’S what the Z in ZTV Deathmatch stood for?!  I always thought it was…
Zavdiel:  Z-Force?  Come on man….  You should know better…..  I mean he’s hiding at home right now while all this shit goes down!  He’s definitely not the one responsible for this… but neither am I!  There’s someone else behind the curtain… pulling the strings!  
SS:  And do you have any idea who they are?  
Zavdiel:  No…. but I have a feeling it’s someone familiar.  See, whoever it was knows me.  Because you see they TOOK something that once belonged to me.  Do you remember the mask I used to wear?
(Sean Scott nods)
Zavdiel:  That thing was some seriously evil shit!  When I wore that thing, I heard voices in my head the likes of which you wouldn’t believe….  I felt compelled to commit acts of darkness that even *I* wouldn’t have committed otherwise. 
SS:  Wait a cotton picking minute here.  I’ve let you have your say here, but are you telling me the reason you attacked Team Z-Force… put both Z-Force and Sarah out of wrestling… traumatized  Natalyn Steele is because you were POSSESSED?! 
Zavdiel:  Look… you can believe what you want.  I hate Z-Force.  But even knowing, that , I’m willing to admit I went over the line.  But I’m going to ask you a question….  Have you ever met the people running this organization?
SS:  No… no I haven’t.
Zavdiel:  Did that ever strike you as odd?  Does the fact that famous wrestlers who were long believed dead are seemingly coming back from the grave strike you as odd?  Does ANY of this strike ANYONE here as odd?  Or are YOU (points to Scott) just happy you’re getting a paycheck because your glory days as an FFC announcer are LONG gone, or you people out here watching happy because you get to see your heroes rise up once again without bothering to consider WHY or HOW it’s happening?
SS:  So what you’re saying is….
Zavdiel:  There’s an evil power behind this organization… and I’m here to stop it.  You people can think whatever you want of me, but whoever took possession of my old mask is unleashing an evil that makes me look like Mother Teresa….  You think things went down the toilet after that Trump guy became President?  That’s NOTHING compared to what’ll happen if these fools take over.  And I don’t see your old hero Z-Force or any of his friends coming to stop them, so it falls to me…
SS:  And that’s why you came to take the championship?  Or are you just stroking your own ego?
Zavdiel:  Do you really think I need the title belt from this two bit league for my own ego?  I am the only man in HISTORY to win both the FFC and EFW World Titles.  No one else will EVER achieve that feat.  And I beat tough opponents to win those titles!  And when I was champion of the FFC, I beat every so called hero and legend Z-Force could throw at me!
Sean:  (muttering under his breath) But you could never beat Z-Force himself...
Zavdiel:  I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that.  The bottom line is, I don’t give a crap about this organization or this title.  I just obliterated that big lug that passed for a champion here!  I came here to take this title because now the powers that be will HAVE to show their faces.  I’m not some chump that you can wave a few bucks in front of to make into your puppet!  I will show up every show and destroy every challenger you put in front of me until you HAVE to show up and face me.  And then I’ll FINALLY put an end to this mess I started seven years ago….  I may go straight to hell afterwards, but at least I’ll be taking you down with me!
(With that, Zavdiel pushes Sean Scott away, and exits the ring, leaving both he and the audience, completely confused.)


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