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Lack of Content?
OK, so I wrote a WWF Wrestlefest FAQ the other day for shits and giggles which contained my strategies for the Royal Rumble mode, and also ranked each of the 10 characters based on their strengths and weaknesses for the Rumble mode.  It took me about 20-30 minutes to write and was about 3 pages long, and I wrote it as I stated for the hell of it and submitted it to GameFAQs.  Today I check the submission status and find that the FAQ was rejected due to "Lack of Content"  Just for that, I will proceed to post the entirity of the FAQ here because I'd rather have 8 people here read it than the potential gaggle of goons that make up GameFAQs.  You be the judge whether this lacks content...

WWF Wrestlefest Royal Rumble Strategy FAQ
Written by Z-Force (


I. Intro
II. The Royal Rumble Challenge
III. Basic Strategies
IV. Character Rankings


This FAQ is designed to help you beat the Royal Rumble in WWF Wrestlefest for the arcade.  Primarily it is focused on playing on an emulator, do NOT ask me where to get the emulators for Wrestlefest, a google search should provide that information.


When I play the Royal Rumble, I only allow myself two credits, one to start the game and one to power up mid match.  The challenge is to A)  Beat the rumble on those two credits, and B)  Eliminate as many opponents as possible within the Rumble.  The two highest challenges are to beat the game WITHOUT using that second credit and eliminating EVERY opponent (There are 11 in all)


First of all, the most important move in your arsenal in the Rumble is the simple Body Slam.  Early on in the match, if you can utilize a Body Slam you can throw your opponents out without expending much energy.  Get the guy in a grapple, drag them over to the edge of the ring, then hold AWAY from ropes and hit the button to throw them out.  You can also use a whip into the ropes followed by a back body drop to throw people out, but this is VERY inconsistent against the CPU.

Avoid running too much, guys can counter you pretty easily, and they can use a back body drop to eliminate you if you


#6:  Sgt Slaughter

I have looked at guides actually published at GameFaqs that contain less "content" than this in the past 24 hours.

It's a douche site run by a fuckstick.

[Image: blocked.jpg]
(10-12-2006, 10:15 AM)LordVermin link Wrote:It's a douche site run by a fuckstick.

I'd like to add:

-filled with shitheads.
Zacky: now that's gravy on 360, but on PC it's hooking you up with servers all the way in Germany and shit.
LordVermin: yeah, he's been complaining about that too, I think he was looking up how to call somebody a faggot in german the other night
Now I remember why I refused to have my Dynasty Warriors 5 FAQ published there

I'm going to throw my own opinion here.
Gamefaqs is ran by the same type of retard who thinks Devil May Cry 1,2,3 and GTA are the best gaming series "evar".

I found your guide to be very informative, but *SOME* of the topics in it were kinda thin. But I *agree*. It shouldn't have been rejected.

Fuck them, they don't know what they're missing out on. I wouldn't even let it get to you.
To be fair, I wrote that FAQ up in like 20 minutes so it is a bit short.  Plus I didn't submit them under the same Screen name as my other FAQ's as well as a different e-mail.  So he was probably like "This ZForceFFC guy is a bum with a shitty FAQ" rather than realzing "Hey this is from Z-Force who once wrote that Dynasty Warriors 3 FAQ that was FAQ of the month and the Cardfighters Clash FAQ that is considered the best on the net by anyone with a pulse" so we should really post it.

I don't think Screen Names matter. I'm pretty sure its just "ok, scan over it.... Pass/Fail".

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