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Z-Force's handy guide to the Wii - Z-Force - 06-26-2008

Since we have two brand new Wii owners in here, I figured I'd make this topic to list some of the games and accessories for the Wii that I'd recommend getting.  So without further ado....

Recommended Games (in no particular order)

Wii Play - Mostly because anyone that gets a Wii is more than likely going to buy a 2nd controller, and this is only $10 more than a Wiimote would be.

Mario Kart Wii - Other than having cheap as hell computer opponents on the highest level, this is the best console MK game since the N64 version.  Also has online play. 

Mario Strikers Charged - Great game for two players.... up until you get to the Striker Cup....

Okami - Great Zelda-esque game, everybody here probably has at least heard of this one.  If you already own the PS2 version, you may not bother with this version though. 

Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection - You can probably find this one for $20, it's the best representation of Pinball available on a console, and is only beaten by Visual Pinball for PC Tongue

No More Heroes - I think this one's overrated by the "Hardcore" gaming community but it's fun and unique and is starting to drop in price (I think it goes for around $30 new)

Super Mario Galaxy - My pick for GOTY for 2007. 

MLB Power Pros - Recommended if you were a fan of the old school NES/SNES/Arcade style baseball games from back in the day (many say this game reminds them of RBI Baseball)  There is a sequel coming in a few months.

Trauma Center: Second Opinion/Trauma Center: New Blood - A great representation of what the Wii can do control wise, and one of my favorite new franchises of the last few years.

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn - Great if you love Strategy RPG's.  Beware its brutal difficulty

Zack and Wiki - Much like No More Heroes, this is considered one of the more "overlooked" games on the Wii.

Wario Ware: Smooth Moves - Plenty of wacky/zany fun.  Oh yeah, and I'll recommend pretty much any game that was Wario in it.

Resident Evil 4 - One of the best games of the last few years.  Not needed if you own one of the other versions, unless you're a HUGE RE4 fan, as this is considered the best of the versions. 

Resident Evil:  The Umbrella Chronicles - Good Rail Shooter/Light Gun Shooter, especially with 2 players. 

Metroid Prime 3

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - Not needed if you own the Gamecube version

Elebits - Entertaining and should be found cheaply enough

Super Paper Mario - More of a platformer with light RPG elements, than other Paper Mario games, but still very good.... and you can play as Bowser! Smile

Boom Blox - Another good game to show off the Wii's controls, and an entertaining puzzler

Super Smash Bros Brawl - Nuff Said

Useful Accessories

Nyko Charging Station - Will save you money on Batteries Smile

Nyko Wireless Sensor Bar - This is nice to avoid getting the cord tangled up, plus it gives better reception on the Wii motes.

Nyko Perfect Shot - Good if you play light gun games like House of the Dead....  The Wii Zapper is garbage and only worthwhile because it comes with Links Crossbow Training

(Yeah, I like the Nyko stuff Tongue )

Re: Z-Force's handy guide to the Wii - Akubarix - 06-26-2008

There are also ways around the wireless problem. There's a wired adaptor you could buy if you really don't want a wireless router. Never got one myself but I remember seeing a fuckton of them back when I worked at Game Stop.

Re: Z-Force's handy guide to the Wii - Z-Force - 06-26-2008

Yeah I've got the LANAdapter or whatever it's called.  I think that's made by Nyko too.

Re: Z-Force's handy guide to the Wii - Ships Ahoy - 06-30-2008

my wife and kids love the Wii Fit

Re: Z-Force's handy guide to the Wii - headhunter228 - 07-24-2008

(06-26-2008, 02:19 AM)Z-Force link Wrote:Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn - Great if you love Strategy RPG's.  Beware its brutal difficulty

Bear with me, I haven't been on for a while, just trying to reply to some posts I missed. I guess you could call me a Fire Emblem fanboy. Even so, I didn't like Radiant Dawn. Since characters stay dead when killed in battle (i.e. no resurrect spells), I just start over if a character dies. With Radiant Dawn, that option has been taken away from you, so now the game is too difficult for my tastes. And that says a lot, because I like hard games.

Re: Z-Force's handy guide to the Wii - Z-Force - 07-24-2008

See Shiro?  I'm not the only one

Re: Z-Force's handy guide to the Wii - Deepshock - 07-24-2008

I believe you. It doesn't help that the American (Difficulty level) is the Japanese (Difficulty level +1). As such, Our Normal is their Hard. I do wish they didn't do that.

Re: Z-Force's handy guide to the Wii - LordVermin - 07-24-2008

There's an old Genesis strategy game called Warsong (part of the Langrisser series in Japan) that got me used to losing party members permanently if they die. There were a couple (Thorne) that were just weak and were as death prone as the Venture brothers and you had to constantly protect them until they leveled-up.

To me, it gave the maps a certain sense of gravity. When the difference between moving to your full range or moving to one tile back of your full range can make the difference between success and resetting and starting over, it really made you stop and think about every single move.

But this is coming from a person who voluntarily plays Military Madness. So I'm desensitized to strategy game difficulty.

Re: Z-Force's handy guide to the Wii - Akubarix - 07-24-2008

I also play MM from time to time... Oh the insanity.