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  "The Heartstopper" Oliver Quinn
Posted by: Crimson_Death - 06-08-2018, 06:38 PM - Forum: AWF: Apocalypse Wrestling Federation - No Replies

*The camera pans to Don Smith standing outside The Heartstopper's room*

DS: Hello folks Don Smith here again bringing you more interesting interviews. Tonight we are going to see if we can actually talk with The Heartstopper, or if he is going to ignore us once again...

*Don knocks on the door*


DS: Actually we were hoping to talk with you about your experience here in AWF?

*There is a long pause then the door opens with Oliver in jeans and a grey T-shirt*

OQ: Well? What do you want to know? Hurry up I'm a busy man!

DS: Right...So the AWF fans were wondering-

OQ: Alright guy, let me stop you right there. There are no AWF fans. These people tune in to see me. Day in and day out. I am the best this federation has to offer. 

DS: Well...If thats so....Then why did you lose-

OQ: What was that? I didn't lose nothing! Alright so I didn't win my first match, but look at what that delirious behemoth put me up against?! A Chinese Cowboy....What is anyone in their right mind suppose to do in that situation?

DS: He's actually Japane-

OQ: I don't care what he is! Don't interrupt me! Right so I am fighting this Chinese cowboy and you can still smell the cow manure on his boots! If Vermin would've given me a proper opponent I would've been able to show the world why I am the best, but instead that meat head put me up with Chinese Tonto.

DS: He's Japanese, and Tonto isn't a cow-

OQ: You want this interview or not!? Anyways, after that I am told I am to participate in the Royal Death Banaza....I mean really!? So I look at this match as a second chance to show my talents. But instead it was nothing but a blood bath. Vermin decided to participate only to get hit once and took a nap for the rest of the match. Korean Elvis was killed!

DS: He is also Japanese, and he wrestled toni-

OQ: Thats it! One more and I'm slamming this door in your face. Anyways, That Jackal kid laid in a pool of his own blood for most of the match, only to get suplexed out of it so he wouldn't drown. That manic Vermin decided to let the eliminated opponents stay in the damn match! The only reason I lost to that fatman was because I was making sure I didn't get killed! But now that there is more intelligent management since Vermin is off disco-ing all over the place like the lunatic he truly is, I can show the world why I am the best wrestler ever. I showed everyone last week when I won the second Royal Death Banaza, and I did it again tonight when I beat that wanna be Ray Rhodes to compete in the tournament. 

*There is a long pause as though Don is waiting to see if he can talk.*

DS: Congratulations on your victories, but you didn't win tonight's Royal Death Banaza?

OQ: What kind of interviewer are you anyways?

*Oliver looks as his name tag and sees the tape and pulls it off*

OQ: Don Smith isn't even your real name! Willie Stroker?!? Oh wow *Laughs* God your parents must hate you! To give you a name like that! *Laughs again*

*Oliver is overthrown with laughter, and waves Don Smith off as he closes his door*

DS: *sigh* Well folks....You heard it from me Don Sm-

*The door opens abruptly*

OQ: No! *Laughs* Willie Stroker! *Laughs again*

*The Door closes*

DS: *sighs* Yes....Willie Stroker.....Have a good night folks....

*Willie drops his mic and just leaves. The camera pans to the mic and then to Willie leaving and then ends with the sign on the door "The Heartstopper"* 

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  Jeryn Bain
Posted by: LordVermin - 06-07-2018, 10:31 AM - Forum: AWF: Apocalypse Wrestling Federation - No Replies

(AWF reporter Don Smith - whose lanyard nametag has had a white piece of tape with his new name on it pasted over the front - knocks on a dressing room door)

DS: "Miss Bain? Wi-- I mean, Don Smith here with AWF, can I have a few words with you?"

(Jeryn Bain's voice sounds from behind the door)

JB: "Sure. Come on in."

((Don opens the door. When he walks in his eyes go big as dinner plates. Jeryn is standing across the small, private dressing room, butt naked and toweling herself off after her shower. She has one leg raised and planted on a bench and is drying it off. It would be an impressive sight even without the J-cup breasts she is known for - her 6'4 frame towers over Don and the cameraman, but despite that, she isn't incredibly built and looks rather soft, even sporting the beginnings of a belly around her waist. Water drips from the dark brown hair that hangs down in wavy strands over her face. When he picks his jaw up off the floor, Don covers his eyes and tries to move the camera so it points in another direction, but the camera operator fights him to keep looking. Jeryn notices the struggle))

JB: "Oh stop. There's been naked pictures of me out there for years now. Anybody who wants to see it has seen it. I have nothing to hide. Just come in and close the door, you're letting the warm air out."

(Don pulls the camera inside and shuts the door. Jeryn sits down on the bench facing the camera and starts drying off her breasts. Don and the camera watch her do it in silence. It takes her a minute or two to finish - they ARE rather huge - and then she looks up at Don, running the towel over her crotch)

JB: "Well?"

DS: "I-I'm sorry, Miss Bain...."

(Jeryn sighs and reaches into her gym bag, grabbing some white lycra shorts and an old, cut-off t-shirt. She puts them on and sits back down, shaking her head as she puts her hair into a pony tail with a scrunchie)

JB: "Men... haven't you ever seen a naked woman before? I mean we have this thing, you may have heard of it, it's called the internet?"

DS: "Well, yes, but not one as b-- um-- I mean, not like you, miss, no."

JB (grins slightly) : "I guess I'll take that as a compliment. Thank you."

DS: "Um, yes, the interview. The website wanted me to get your impressions of your new surroundings. There's been a few shows now, and I understand you were on the dark matches tonight?"

JB: "Yes. They wanted to put me in that Bonanza thing but I said no."

DS: "Oh, um.. too rough for you?"

JB (chuckles) : "I've lived in a cabin in Canada with Vermin for some weeks once - one shower, one toilet, no privacy, sub-zero temperatures and for some reason I made myself chop wood in the nude while a blizzard came down around me. Believe me, nothing is too rough for me. Actually, I have a date this weekend and I don't want to explain to him why I have a bunch of stitches in my forehead. For some reason, most men kind of freak out when they find out you beat people up for a living."

DS: "Fair enough."

JB: "As for AWF, well... I was there at the tail end of EFW and I was briefly in that circus called WTF, so I know a little bit about craziness. To tell you the truth, it's far quieter back here in the dressing room area than it ever was in EFW. It's actually kind of nice."

DS: "Nice? I wouldn't have figured you'd say that."

JB: (shrugs) : "To each their own..."  (she looks down at his nametag, knits her eyebrows for a second in confusion at the tape, then looks back up) "... Don. This place might be a bit crazy IN the ring, but back here, with no Jacksons or Bowens or Dods or Sickos running around trying to kill each other, it's.. peaceful. I like being able to concentrate on my job in the ring for once."

DS: "Speaking of that: you qualified for the UBA title tournament. As a former EFW Grand Champion you'd have to be considered one of the early favorites. Your first round opponent hasn't been announced yet. Do you have any preference?"

(Jeryn leans down to put her shoes on, dangling her huge breasts in front of the camera. The camera starts to zoom in on them but Don punches the camera operator in the ribs and motions him to stop)

JB: "Well I'm kind of intrigued by this Kelsdottir."

DS: "Vaedra? She won't grant us interviews."

JB: "Really? Just being a bitch about it?"

DS: "No, not really, she's polite enough. She just doesn't want to talk on camera."

(Jeryn sits for a minute in thought, then nods)

JB: "Alright, I suppose there's nothing wrong with that. I've heard stories about her stamina - supposedly she can last a long time."

(The cameraman chortles, sounding like Beavis. Jeryn looks at him and narrows her eyes. Don punches him again and he abruptly stops)

JB: "Anyway, from what I understand she works very hard on her conditioning every day. I'm curious as to what her limits are."

DS: "Anyone else?"

JB: "Well, let's see.. Vermin, Red and Mike I already know, and of course my Uncle J-- I mean, Tyrant. Everybody knows Mr. Wiggles, unfortunately. Quince is an interesting one, too, but I guess it'd be Oliver Quinn."

DS: "Quinn? Why him?"

JB (sighs and frowns at herself) : "His abs. Not gonna lie, the dude is hot, but if that's any indication of his personality he's probably a class-A douchebag. Have you interviewed him yet?"

DS: "No, he had a sign on the door of his dressing room saying 'Keep Out - Heartstopper At Work'."

JB: (sighs again) : "Figures. Why are the pretty ones always so dumb?" (she drops her head into her hands) "Dammit, that came out wrong. Listen, go on, leave before I say anything else stupid."

DS: "Sure thing, thank you miss Bain!"

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  AWF Mods Discussion
Posted by: LordVermin - 06-05-2018, 09:18 AM - Forum: AWF: Apocalypse Wrestling Federation - Replies (4)

Hey guys. I enabled the mod suite today and kicked the tires on it some. I've decided to enable some of the mod options for future AWF sims. These mods are currently in effect. I've run sims to test them out and I've seen no major issues. If you've got any issue with any of them, let me know.

The mod suite has a jobber database. When I add a wrestler to it, they basically start a match 90% dead. So we'll be able to use them for their intended purpose now and I've created a few new ones for us to beat up on.

Deathmatch Changes
Wrestlers can now fight outside the ring in the landmine area and do corner post moves in deathmatches.

Referee Changes
The referee now gives a 5-count to rope break a submissions
If the referee sees a wrestler use a weapon in the ring, they are instantly DQ'd. As far as I can tell, this only affects the weapons that you have to pick up - the sickle and fork are not subject to instant DQ.

Moves done from the top rope that pin are no longer subject to rope breaks.

All wrestlers have a small chance to throw their opponents onto the ring apron from the ring to attempt apron grapple moves.

Direct weapon attacks by wrestlers with the 'Hardcore' special skill have a very small chance to Critical. 

Available Mods
Here are some of the options the mod suite can give us that I currently DO NOT have enabled. I'm not terribly for or against any of these, but I thought I'd throw them out there and get some opinions from you guys.

1: WWE Style Submissions
This will make it so that submission holds that aren't marked as either a sig or finisher can't cause a submission. You'd be able to use them late in matches without worrying about the so-called 'random submission win'.

2: Weapon Critical Options
Right now, the mod suite is set to allow all weapon shots to potentially critical at a very low rate. I can adjust that rate, I can turn the weapons criticals back off, and I can also switch it so that only wrestlers with the 'Hardcore' special skill can get weapon crits. I'm personally fine with everyone being able to crit with them at a low rate - you ARE being hit in the face with a 10 pound hunk of steel - but the Hardcore option is also attractive as it gives that rarely used special skill more value. What do you guys think?

3: Possible DQ on Ref Bump
When a ref bump occurs, the ref will sometimes DQ the guilty party.

4: No rope breaks after sig/finisher
Whenever a move marked sig or finisher is hit, the pin following it (or the move itself if it pins) won't be subject to rope breaks. Not sure how this works for submissions, which could be a deal breaker.

5: Falls Count Anywhere
I'm listing this here so you guys know it exists as a match option. It's not something we'd turn on and leave on, but it's a cool option to have for specific matches.

6: Protected Finishers
There is a protected finishers database in the mod suite. I can add wrestlers to it. If a wrestler in that database, their finisher becomes an instant kill - Jake's DDT style. There are several ways this could be used, but I personally think if we use it at all it could be used to elevate truly legendary finishing moves to their proper status. Right now, the only edit in AWF that it would potentially apply to is Tyrant, who made the Judgment Bomb as close to a sure thing as any move I've ever seen. I don't know if hard-coded sure things are a good idea in FP, though - it's not exactly consistent with when and where it does finishers.

7: Sigs & Finishers Critical
When Finisher Only is selected as a critical type, any of the wrestler's moves marked as sig or finisher can potentially critical instead of just the finisher. Critical groups will override this - if you have Suplex critical, only the usual suplex moves will be able to critical regardless of what you have marked. Also, the switch won't enable criticals on moves that are hard-coded to not be able to critical (like the texas cloverleaf or sharpshooter).

I'd love to hear you guys' thoughts on all this.

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  Vaedra Kelsdottir
Posted by: LordVermin - 05-28-2018, 11:07 PM - Forum: AWF: Apocalypse Wrestling Federation - No Replies

A girl stands motionless in a gym in Arcadia's Southside. She looks woefully out of place next to the physical monstrocities that surround her. Most of the gym's patrons are large men who are lifting what is most likely some multiplier of her total body weight and lifting it almost twice as tall as she stands. There is activity all around her, but as the afternoon sun shines through the high windows of the gym and down over her, the girl seems still as a statue. She stands between the poles of a weight stand with her not quite five foot frame in a half-crouch and her face to the floor. She is holding a weighted bar on her shoulders. There are three plates on each end of the bar - two labeled 100 and one labeled 25, bringing the total to 450 pounds. It looks like that much weight should crush her flat. Above the ankle she is stripped of everything but a white sports bra and short spats that are soaked with sweat, rendering them all but invisible. Her raven black hair hangs down over her face, hiding it from view. Sweat runs down her body, her legs, her arms; it drips from her face and her hair to the mat beneath her feet where a small puddle has formed. A stream of white colored liquid runs from the hands down to her elbows, coming from her sweat mixing with the talcum powder meant to keep her hands dry.

A few feet in front of her is a plastic chair that holds her gym bag. Sitting on top of the bag is a small clock, the face of which currently reads "58:49".

The seconds tick by as the clock counts towards 60. The girl stands, her legs slightly shaking and breath beginning to come unevenly. Several large men watch her from off to the side, whispering to themselves, but no one interferes. 

The clock ticks over to "59:00". One of the men says "One minute, Vaedra.".

Vaedra shows no physical reaction, but she whispers to herself in a language no one around her understands.

"Búask móttaka... búask móttaka... " 

A tense minute passed - tick by tick, drop by drop - and after what felt like an eternity the clock finally ticked over to "60:00". A couple of men applaud, but the one who called out the time - a huge redhead with a pony tail - steps forward and reaches for the bar.

"That's time!"

Vaedra shakes her head slightly, making the man pause.

"Búask móttaka...

To the amazement of the onlookers, Vaedra flexes her legs and begins to straighten her posture. After a few unbelievable seconds she puts the bar back on the stand without help, then collapses to her elbows and knees. A few in the crowd applaud again and express their amazement. Vaedra sits on her elbows and knees, her body shuddering as she struggles to breathe in and out. The man stands over her and watches her as the small crowd around them returns to their own activities. 

After a minute or two of recovery, Vaedra's breathing returns to something near normal and she pushes herself to her feet. Ignoring a towel offered by the large man who is helping her, she stiffly walks to her gym bag and grabs a bottle of water from it. Lowering the towel, he regards her from behind with respect. He is 6'7, and she barely reaches his waist - there's no way she is five feet tall, but yet she stood there holding at least three times her body weight for over an hour. The man, Keith Magnum, had never seen such a display.

"What does that mean? That thing you said?"

Vaedra finishes drinking and turns to look at him, brushing her hair out of her ice-blue eyes. Something about her eyes is familiar to him - there's a strength in them he has rarely seen. He repeats the question.

"What you said there - bu sak moe taka? Is that Chinese?"

Vaedra screws the cap back on the water bottle and stows it in her bag. With considerable effort, she lifts the bag and drapes the strap over her shoulder. When she answers him, she does so with a heavy accent that's something between Icelandic or Danish. 

"Búask móttaka. It's old Norse. It roughly means 'make yourself invincible'."

Magnum didn't show his shock at hearing her speak, even though this was the first time he had heard her voice in anything other than a whisper. Without saying anything else, the girl stiffly turned and walked towards the locker room.

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Posted by: LordVermin - 05-24-2018, 04:38 PM - Forum: AWF: Apocalypse Wrestling Federation - No Replies

(Willie Stroker is waiting outside Vermin's office, apparently seeking an interview. He looks at his watch impatiently. The office door opens and he snaps to attention, but it is James Bain, Vermin's longtime friend and manager, who exits the office instead of Vermin)

WS: "Mr. Bain! Willie Stroker, Arcadian Sports Gazette. Where is---"

Bain: "Wait, what? What did you say your name was?"

WS: (sighs) "Willie Stroker."

Bain: "I'm not calling you that. I'm calling you.. Fred. Don. Don Smith. ANYTHING but that."

WS: "Er... okay."

Bain: "Okay, Don, ask your questions."

DS: "Where's Vermin?"

Bain: "I don't know."

DS: "... you---"

Bain: "See, this is what happens. I tried to tell him 'You're too old to go out there in this Death Bonanza shit', but he wouldn't listen. Then he gets dropped on his head, has to lay there for a fucking hour while the match goes on, and now he's run off to God only knows where. This happens every time he takes a good shot to the head. He wakes up thinking he's Robocop or some shit, and WE end up being the ones that have to track him down and slap some sense back into him. Fuck it, I'm making Bo do it this time. It's his fault anyway."

DS: "So who is----"

Bain: "I'll be running things until we find Vermin and tighten up whatever screws are loose in there. First thing I'm doing is changing the rules on the Royal Death Bonanza: no more eliminated guys sticking around in the match."

DS: "It certainly seemed dangerous for---"

Bain: "Yes, it's dangerous for all of us to have an unhinged Vermin running around. Well, MORE unhinged than normal, anyway."

DS: "But Ervis---"

Bain: "Yes, I know, Don. He almost died. We were THAT close. But still, I have to make this change. Look, don't get me wrong, I don't care about Ervis. Nobody does. But if we want to keep Vermin somewhat sane, then we're going to have to make sacrifices, and if it means Ervis gets medical care and is just about guaranteed to live in order to keep the boss around, well, that's the unfortunate reality. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a bunch of checks to sign... including one to Ervis."

(Bain rolls his eyes and walks away)

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  "The Jackal" Hunter Jameson
Posted by: Crimson_Death - 05-23-2018, 09:39 PM - Forum: AWF: Apocalypse Wrestling Federation - Replies (1)

*The camera panes to Hunter sitting in the locker room after his match.*

Willie - “This is Willie Stroker here to talk to the new face of AWF, Hunter Jameson.”

Hunter - “God....Is that really your name. I feel sorry for you man.”

Willie - “Yeah...Lets not talk about that. How are you feeling right now with your victory over Jack Furlong?”

Hunter - “Well to be honest I thought I was going to lose. That guy hits like a Mack truck. I guess I am just too stupid to stay down.”

Willie - “What are your plans now? Is there anything you want to tell the viewers, or to anyone in the back?”

Hunter - “Well I would like to thank Mr. Vermin for giving me a chance in this environment. I think that I can definitely call AWF my home. As for anyone in the back. I will fight any guy back here. I don’t care how big or small you are. The Jackal backs down to no fight!”

*Hunter walks away, and the camera panes to Willie.*

Willie - “Well you heard him folks. The Jackal will fight anyone. This is Willie Stroker with AWF.”

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  AWF: Announcement & General Discussion
Posted by: LordVermin - 05-16-2018, 09:22 PM - Forum: AWF: Apocalypse Wrestling Federation - Replies (6)

[Image: AWF_logosmall.png]

It is the year 20XX. After Vermin finally snapped and strangled President Walters to death live on national television, EFW folded for the final time. United States President Vince McMahon touched off an international firestorm by flipping off Vladimir Putin on the floor of the UN and attempting to give him a Stone Cold Stunner before being shot and killed by Putin's security detail. 

Sick of McMahon's antics, the government in general and (frankly) of each other, the people of the United States quickly turned on the government and started the second United States civil war. The country split into several large chunks: the east coast, the deep south, the west coast, the southwest and the midwest. Vice President Jean-Paul Levesque was tragically killed when his nose got caught in a limo window and the federal government of the United States of America officially dissolved. 

After a decade of off-and-on warring between themselves, the five chunks of the former United States finally made a shaky peace with each other under the tenuous control of a new government. This government was led by President Hannibal Lecter, who was elected in an unprecedented (and to many, suspicious) landslide. President Lecter's first official act as President was to pardon Vermin, saying that Vermin had committed no crime but instead "done the public a great service". Lecter officially re-organized the country into five provinces, each run independently of one another but under the umbrella authority of his new United States.

With its primary creative force killed by Russian security and the biggest nose in the business having been road-hauled to death, WWE had no one left to control the egos that it employed and it collapsed in on itself, leaving a huge, wrestling-sized hole in the entertainment landscape. President Lecter was eventually impeached for spying on his political rivals through the air vents in their hotels. Even though his Secretary of State Charles "Mr. Wiggles" Black took most of the fall and went to prison, Lecter was eventually forced to resign his post, allowing the government to settle back into a more 'normal' state of corruption and bureaucratic lethargy.

In the pacific northwest, Arcadia's South Side descended into an even worse state of anarchy than before the war. This turned around when Vermin moved in, captured a warehouse that used to belong to the Southside Buttnecks, and started offering cash prizes for anyone who would step in the ring with him. At first, only the Buttnecks and other crazies took him up on it, but as word started to spread more and more people came. Fans began streaming the violence over the internet and the rest is history.

Now, Vermin invites the toughest, strongest and craziest people in the world to come to his place, The Apocalypse Arena, and battle it out for cash, bragging rights, and for the whole world's amusement. Many teams and even some individuals now have corporate sponsorship and several countries have sent national teams to do battle in Vermin's games. The arena has seen grudges of all shapes and sizes settled by combat - everything from fist fights among bar patrons to corporate battles over trademark ownership rights to major international disputes over land and resources have been settled there, live in front of the world. Some say Vermin has made war obsolete, but if you ask him, he'd say he just simplified it.

In post-apocalyptic Arcadia, there is post-apocalyptic wrestling. There is AWF.

What: A Fire Pro World e-fed.

When: Streams live on Twitch on Wednesday nights starting at 7 CST. (http://www.twitch.tv/lordverminsop). You don't have to join to watch, feel free to stop in just to enjoy the sims and cheer on your favorites.

RP: entirely optional, you can RP as much or as little as you like. I'll book the cards as I see fit or as RP (if any) dictates.


How Many: one minimum, three maximum. I'll fill out the cards with EFW and WTF alumni as needed.

Divisions: One all-inclusive weight and gender division. Title eligability will be based more on style than size.


Appearence Size: this DOES have a mechanical effect - the larger the edit, the more damage it deals to smaller edits and the less damage it takes from smaller edits. The larger the edit, the more energy they spend running and doing moves. Giant size is meant for Andre the Giant/Giant Silva/Giant Baba style lumbering behemoths, don't use it just for tall characters. 

Wrestler Rank: this influences if the crowd reacts to something you do and is dependant on the relative rank of your opponent. A rank S edit beating the fuck out of a rank E edit will generate little reaction because it's what the crowd expects, but every time the rank E edit lands something even somewhat significant against the rank S edit the crowd will pop.

Charisma: this is how loud the crowd pops for the edit when they do.

Fight Style: I've gotten to where I really only use two or three styles - Orthodox, Power, Junior and Heel. The vast majority of all wrestlers should use Orthodox. This setting determines a lot more than just what moves are graded high or low; it has effects on your top rope dive distance, energy consumption and autocounter rates as well, and some styles are more compatible with certain wrestler sizes (like Power for Large). If you are inexperienced and still learning or if you are ever in doubt about the proper choice here, just go with Orthodox. You can't really go wrong with it.

Return Skill: The return skill determines what kinds of counter-moves you do when your edit autocounters a move and its synergy with your fight style and size determines whether or not you get to do autocounters at certain health thresholds. Pairing like with like is always your best bet (Orthodox/Orthodox, Junior/Junior, etc.) though using a generally compatible but off-standard combo isn't going to cripple an edit (like Orthodox/Power). Using wildly incompatible things, like Power/Junior, is as bad as it sounds like it should be.

Critical Ability: a few notes. One: there is a specific list of moves that can critical under each catagory, so just picking 'Striking' doesn't mean every single strike you throw can critical. Two: all Power or Suplex critical moves are 'whip' versions - any pinning version can't critical with these critical groups. Three: submission refers to shoot style joint locks and not wrestling stretch submissions. Four: overall critical rate is determined by a number of factors, including the special skills, attack and defense styles and remaining health on the target edit as well as the critical probability setting in the match settings screen. The takeaway here is that these are generally a LOT of points spent for very little actual return, so only use them if doing so is very important to the theme of the edit.

Special Skills: a search of 451 Spike-made edits brings up TWO uses of the Hardbody skill (one of which is on Genichiro Tenryu, a japanese legend and notorious tough guy) and only ONE use of Reborn (on Riki Choshu, another legend). The other compound skills (the ones starting at Superstar) are equally rare the further you go up. None are off limits but be mindful of the rarity - the 15 point skills except Hardbody are generally fine to use, but be careful with the 25 and especially 35 point ones.

Recovery/Breathing/Spirit: these three settings influence how fast the specified meters recharge. Recovery and Breathing recharge health and stamina passively every frame as long as you're not involved in a move, whereas Spirit only recharges in chunks when specific events occur (you kick out of a pin or do a taunt, for example). 99% of the time, Medium normal and Low bleeding works fine for these. Note: when an edit is bleeding, their baseline recovery, breathing and spirit values are by default lower than they would be if the edit wasn't bleeding. A "High" rating while bleeding is only barely better than a "Low" rating for not bleeding.

Endurance: every one of these areas - neck, arm, back and leg - has a hit point total that never regenerates. Every move in the game uses one or more of these to influence how much damage it deals and every move in the game deals damage to at least one of these areas. The limb strengths here are armor for these areas - high and you take less damage per hit to that area, low and you take more. 

Parameters: A quick guide for how to build follows.

1-2: Ability virtually non-existent, can't even do it right by accident (don't use this)
3: VERY weak in this area, almost inept.
4: Weak in this area.
5: Average. 
6: Above-average - strong but not overly so.
7: Excellent - this is the normal maximum.
8: VERY strong - ability like this wins you a lot of matches
9: Legendary - 1 in 100 established and experienced wrestlers is this good
10: One of the best in history (don't use this)

The majority of parameters should fall between 3 and 7, and any parameter falling in this range is "safe" meaning it won't be able to cause any kind of balance issues with the rest of the edits. 8's should be reserved for the thing your edit is best at. 1-2 and 9-10 are extremely rare. For example, according to the Human/Spike made edits, Vince McMahon has 1 or 2 on every parameter where even a relatively inept guy like Goldberg has at least a 4 on technical attack. Vader, Big Show and Andre the Giant have 10 power, but Kane, Sid, Kevin Nash and Undertaker - while inarguably being very strong men - do not. Remember: parameters only inflence the damage dealt by moves and nothing else. Every move has a base damage, so even if your parameters are low, the worst that can happen is the move deals less damage than normal. When in doubt, err on the low side. 
Note: "Entertainment" is used for exhaggerated/dramatic moves and is often set very low or very high, depending on whether or not the edit uses entertainment moves or is suseptible to them. Most wrestlers have a low attack (1-2) and high defense (8-10) here, so any range is fine for this one parameter set.

CPU Logic: You have a shitload of priority combo slots now. Make use of them!

Mod Policy: I reserve the right to potentially use mods in the future, but for now I'm using the vanilla game. If mods are ever used, they will only be ones that are purely cosmetic or ones that improve the overall quality of the sims (such as the mod that turns off rope breaks for top rope dives, making them far more able to get wins than by default). I won't use mods that radically change basic game functionality or that add/remove/change things about the edits. I won't use the mod to book a  sim result unless such a thing is specifically requested and agreed on by all involved players.

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  Is it worth upgrading to windows 10?
Posted by: Akubarix - 04-01-2018, 04:24 AM - Forum: SoP General - Replies (8)

I recently obtained an elgato for streaming. It works as a pass through for HDMI, but it won't work for streaming/recording unless I upgrade to windows 10. I have a lot of issues with W10, namely the whole "lol we're spying at you at all times" bullshit they force upon you and I'm wondering if I can turn all that shit off. That and I keep reading about issues people have when they upgrade from an older O.S. Seeing as you guys are on the up and up, I figured you'd have some insight on this. I'm currently on Windows 7 and I actually enjoy the O.S. layout as is, but if I can set windows 10 up to have a "classic look" and if I can turn that spying shit off, I'm all for upgrading to the new shit.

If I can't turn that shit off or run a "classic" mode, I suppose I can just use my old shitty capture card and deal with it. Any suggestions or input would be appreciated, as I've done all of the troubleshooting I can to run the new card and it's just no-going me.

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  BRAND NEW Episodes of ZTV Coming Soon
Posted by: Z-Force - 02-03-2018, 10:54 AM - Forum: SoP General - Replies (2)

I'm in the process of getting some brand new episodes of ZTV in the can.  I would like to get everyone's feedback as to a good night for viewing the show.  I'm not going to be doing the long marathon 3 hour episodes anymore, I'm shooting for roughly an hour and a half or so for each episode, and the shows will be primarily focused on retro gaming (although if I get a good newer game to review I'm not against doing so).  I'm probably going to look into Friday, Saturday or Sunday with around 6:30-7 CST for a start time, but I'm open to suggestions or feedback.

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Star 1-11 Discord Meeting
Posted by: LordVermin - 01-11-2018, 10:24 PM - Forum: SoP General - No Replies

Calling a general meet and chat tonight on Discord for anyone who is in our D&D group or wants to potentially participate in a FPW related group project (I'm not saying the "e" word yet).

I'll be on after dinner at some point but we'll try to get things 'officially' rolling around 7 CST, same time as the old SOP TV shows.

Attendance not mandatory, but if you miss it I may kill you.

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