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Posted by: Z-Force - 08-19-2018, 01:22 AM - Forum: SoP General - No Replies

(The Following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to real persons may or may not be entirely coincidental)


(Modern Day, at the ZTV Deathmatch Arena. For the last few years, a mysterious fighting organization, known only as ZTV Deathmatch has been the #1 Ratings Draw. Fans can’t seem to get enough of the vicious combat taking place there. What is most peculiar about this organization though is that wrestling heroes from the past appear and fight there despite the fact that they’re well…. Dead. No one knows why this happens, but the people love seeing their heroes of yesteryear fight once again and as a result, no one bothers to question the strange goings on.

However, roughly a year or so ago, a seemingly unstoppable warrior claimed the Championship of ZTV. This was a fierce fighter known as Boork Reznar. He crushed opponent after opponent en route to claiming the championship. However, once he did, his appearances on the circuit became more and more sporadic. With the advice of his nefarious manager, Raul Kleyman, he would make demands of more money just to show up, but when he did, he would crush the opponents put before him, often leaving the crowd in despair as they watched their heroes get crushed, one after another. As the story opens, Boork and his manager are standing in the ring, awaiting their newest challenger. Boork is mostly just standing around mean mugging and looking tough, occasionally bouncing around the ring while his manager talks.

Raul: My mighty client, BOOOOOOORRRRRRRK REZZZZZZZZZNAR has no equal in this world! He has crushed all challengers, and NOW apparently, the ZTV Deathmatch staff cannot even find an opponent worthy enough to be crushed by my mighty client, BOOOOOOORRRRRK REZZZZZZZZZZZNARRRRRRRR.

(Boork laughs and bounces around)

Raul: Apparently, there was to be a championship match tonight, but whatever fool they lined up decided discretion was the better part of valor and didn’t even show up tonight! So it looks like we’ll be taking the evening off since ZTV Deathmatch cannot even find a worthy challenger to get introduced into the Village of Suplexes by my client…. BOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRK REZZZZZZZZNAR!

ZTV Commentator Sean Scott: Geez… whaddya mean he’s not going to fight? It’s been 4 months since the dude even showed up last!

(As fans boo with this announcement, Boork suddenly appears concerned and shuffles up to his manager, grabbing the mic from his hand)

Boork: Whaddya mean Take the Night off?! If I don’t fight…. I don’t get to charge my exorbitant appearance fee! I’m gonna fight SOMEONE tonight, bring out anybody, I don’t care who it is! I’ll put this championship up against ANYONE from the back, I’ll send em to the Village of Suplexes and I’ll get my fight money!

(Fans are in a buzz now)

Sean: Well this is interesting, Boork Reznar doesn’t really talk much (mostly because he sounds like an inbred hillbilly when he does) But he’s issuing an open challenge for anyone to face him for the ZTV Deathmatch Championship of the Universe! But Boork has crushed most of the opposition, does anyone have the guts to face him for the title?

(As the buzz among the crowd intensifies, suddenly the lights go out in the arena. The crowd hushes and after a minute or two, a red spotlight hits the entryway, and a figure emerges from the curtain. He’s of medium height and definitely looks well built, although scars cover his body. He’s wearing long black pants with red designs and trim. He almost seems familiar for some reason, but the man is wearing a hood and veil, concealing his face, so no one can quite tell for sure. He slowly marches to the ring as fans look on, wondering exactly who this mystery man is. He steps into the ring and glances in the direction of the champion and his manager, the former of which nods and takes up a fighting stance, ordering his manager out of the ring. He reluctantly steps outside to watch. Boork hands his championship belt to the referee who holds it up in the air for all to see before calling for the bell. Just as the match begins, the mystery man turns his back to Boork and spread out his arms.

Sean Scott: What is this guy doing? It’s almost like he’s INVITING Reznar to administer one of his devastating suplexes!

(Boork walks up and grabs the mystery man from behind in a waistlock and lands a DEVASTATING German Suplex, throwing his foe nearly halfway across the ring as Raul cheers him on. Boork half sits up with a grin on his face as the mystery challenger hits the mat. But he doesn’t notice his challenger almost immediately springs back up afterward. Boork is oblivious as he slowly gets back up, thinking his challenger already crushed, oblivious to the screams of both his manager and the crowd. As he stands up, he is immediately drilled by a devastating roundhouse kick, sending him sprawling to the canvas.)

Sean Scott: A DEVASTATING kick, and the champion seems to be out cold! This is unbelievable! I… I almost think I’ve seen someone who had a kick like that but… I can’t put my finger on it!

(The crowd is in shock as the mystery man stares down at his fallen opponent. He could easily pin Boork for a 30 count right now, but he feels the need to drive his point home. He stares out at the crowd and slowly draws his thumb across his throat. Raul Kleyman is beside himself as the mystery opponent lifts the now dead weight of Boork Reznar up. He set up for what appears to be a vertical suplex, but instead, he drops Boork straight down on his head in a sudden, and devastating Brainbuster. Boork lands headfirst with a sickening sound, leading to the crowd go silent, as the champion is now lying on the mat, not moving except for an involuntary twitch here and there. The mystery man crawls over to his opponent and places one finger over Boork’s prone carcass. The referee jumps into position and counts. 1… 2... 3. As if there had been any question about the count at that point.

Sean Scott: My God… ZTV Deathmatch has a new champion, but WHO IS THIS GUY?! He crushed the undefeated Boork Reznar in two moves! Not to mention, he completely shrugged off one of his devastating suplexes!

(The crowd is in shock, as the referee hands the ZTV Championship Belt to this mystery man who seems to have appeared from the depths of Hell itself. Medics now have come out to tend to the former champion, placing him on a stretcher as his manager looks on in horror. Finally Raul turns to the mystery man and with mic in hand screams the question that everyone in the building is dying to know.)

Raul: WHO… ARE YOU?!

(Much to everyone’s surprise, the mystery man quite willingly reaches for the hood he’s wearing and begins to pull it off. For him, now is as good a time as any. After seven years, it was finally time for him to once again walk in the public eye after basically disappearing from the face of the Earth. For almost seven years, he had been preparing for this moment, he had been watching events from the shadows… events he had inadvertently put into place. He had put himself through Hell in preparation for this moment, for now was the time to finally fight back. As he finally removed the hood, the look of shock on the face of Raul Kleyman was only surpassed by the sounds of shock and horror that came from the crowd.)

Sean Scott: Oh my God, no way! It can’t be!

(The crowd knew exactly who this man was. Seven years ago, he had disappeared following a bitter defeat at the hands of his arch enemy. The world had breathed a bit easier, thinking he was gone forever. This man had been a champion in every organization he had been in, but had also brought untold chaos and ruin to every organization he had been in. And now, he was back. And he was the champion of ZTV Deathmatch. And no one knew what sort of chaos he would bring.

Mr. Z grabbed the microphone out of Raul Kleyman’s hand and raised it to his mouth. After a 7 year disappearance, he would address the masses for the first time...)

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  "Big Time" Tim Biggins (a test RP)
Posted by: Red Dog - 08-06-2018, 12:12 AM - Forum: AWF: Apocalypse Wrestling Federation - No Replies

I had a new idea for a character for Fire Pro and made him the other night. Since then ideas for promos have been coming to me and I thought I'd test this out. Download him at your peril.

A short young man with brown hair and dressed in blue and orange amateur wrestling tights and basic knee pads and arm pads stands before the camera. He is finishing wrapping wrist tape around his wrists as he looks up and gives the camera a confident grin.

"AWF fans, your long wait is over! AWF has finally hit the Big Time because 'Big Time' has hit the AWF! That's right - 'Big Time' Tim Biggins is finally here to save the AWF from ratings mediocrity!"

Everytime he says "Big Time" he points both thumbs at himself.

"You want classic mat wrestling? You got 'Big Time' Tim Biggins. You want fast paced excitement? You got 'Big Time' Tim Biggins. You want hard hitting action? You got 'Big Time' Tim Biggins. You want sweet, unreal, high flying offense? You got 'Big Time' Tim Biggins. You want the hottest talent to come down the pike in a long time? You got 'Big Time' Tim Biggins!"

With that last sentence he turns his back to the camera to show the stylish "Big Time" emblazened on the rear of his tights. He turns back around, that confident grin never leaving his face.

"The rest of the AWF roster has no answer for a superstar like 'Big Time' Tim Biggins. They can't keep up with my speed, they can't HOPE to outwrestle me, and my unique, game-changing offense is going to leave them all flat on their backs as I pin them for the 1, 2, 3! It doesn't matter the weight class, all the titles are coming my way. If I want the tag team titles I'll sit some jobber on the apron and let him have an easy night as I outclass the tag champs by myself! Hell, I'll throw on a skirt and wig and take the Women's title if I want!"

A random person walking in the background stops and stares at him, mouth agape.

"... WHAT did you just say?"

Biggins seems to pay him no mind.

"'Big Time' Tim Biggins is going to have his hand raised every time! So everyone get ready for those ticket prices to go up, those PPV rates to increase, and for those Blu Ray releases to sell off the shelves! You aren't ready for the 'Big Time'!"

He walks cockily off to the right as the random guy in the back just stares.  A few moments pass and then he comes walking back on camera to the left.

"Exit's this way."

Fade to black.

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  "The All Mighty" Red Dog
Posted by: Red Dog - 07-02-2018, 11:17 PM - Forum: AWF: Apocalypse Wrestling Federation - No Replies

A reporter stands backstage.

"Hello, AWF Fans, this is Gilligan Thieskiepertou reporting backstage after the recent announcement by Bane. I'm hoping to get a word with Red Dog, who many are calling the surprise of the UBA Tournament after making it to the second round to face Vermin. With his entrance into the just announced Champions Cup everyone is looking to get his first comments in the AWF. He has been unexpectedly evasive of AWF reporters. He gets into the arena unseen, he leaves unseen, and I and my colleagues have yet to find him in the arena to get any comments. Well that changes tonight because I know for a fact he was seen in this dressing room behind me not five minutes ago and I'm going to be the one to get the scoop! Quickly, let's go!"

He motions to the camera to follow him while putting a finger to his lips to be quiet. He suddenly opens the door and steps inside, microphone extended forward.

"Red Dog! We're here to get a word..."

He immediately goes quiet. Standing in the middle of the room is a stick dummy dressed up in Red Dog's wrestling gear and wearing a red wig. The room is empty otherwise.

"... God dammit."

Cut to commercial.

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  Quince Riviera
Posted by: SaviorGabriel - 06-29-2018, 09:43 PM - Forum: AWF: Apocalypse Wrestling Federation - No Replies

Don Smith: Don Smith here, just hours after the grueling tournament to crown the first ever AWF UBA Champion. I'm looking to get a word with one of the participants, Quince Riviera, who we've never really had a chance to speak with. I've been told she should be in her dressing room now. Hopefully, we get an interview with her.
(Upon coming to Quince's dressing room, Quince is performing various stretches)
Don Smith: Ah, Miss Quince! I've been looking for you. Pardon the interuption, but I was hoping we could get an interview with you.
(Quince turns her attention to Don Smith with a bit of swagger, and enthusiasm)
Quince Riviera: Oh, you're THAT guy! What was your name again? Willy Wonka?
Don Smith: It---
(Before Don can get a word in, Quince immediately cuts him off standing with her arms crossed, and wearing a confident smirk on her face)
Quince Riviera: ANYway, to what do I owe this honor? Sure took you long enough to get an interview with me. Or were you busy peeping in on Jeryn in the shower? Wink
Don Smith: Wha---
(Quince cuts him off again showing a mischievious expression)
Quince Riviera: Don't deny it! I saw what you were doing there, you naughty little perv you. (Quince nudges Don with her elbow)  Didja get a load of those melons? Hoo, boy!
(Don pauses for a moment awaiting another interuption from Quince.)
Quince Riviera: Just don't let me catch you peeping on me, and we'll get along just fine. (Quince playfully pats Don on the cheek)
Don Smith: ...Uh...right.
(Don takes the moment to get right to the point)
Don Smith: Miss Quince, you just competed in the tournament to crown the first ever AWF UBA Champion, though I don't recall you qualifying. Can you explain that?
Quince Riviera: Yeah, about that. Apparently, Mr. Bane had other ideas, and just said I was in. Who'm I to argue? I told him he wouldn't regret it.
Don Smith: That brings me to my next question. Your match with Tyrant. You put on quite a showing in your match with him, and manged to take the fight right to him. You even kicked out of his patented Judgment Bomb!
Quince Riviera: Oh really? (As Quince replies in a coy manner)
Don Smith: Um, I'm afraid you don't understand. You see... no one gets up from that move. You took TWO of them!
(Quince stretches her back wincing)
Quince Riviera: Well, I guess I'm not just anybody then. It certainaly explains all the sudden attention I've been getting from the others. This Tyrant guy seems to have quite the reputation.
Don Smith: Indeed he does. I thought to look for you being treated by the trainers, but they told me you were here. You sure are taking all this in stride.
(Quince responds as she starts casually adjusting Don's suit, and tie)
Quince Riviera: Of course I do, honey. It's all about conditioning. I've devoted much of my life to achieveing physical perfection. I've delved into many sports such as snowboarding, surfing, mountain climbing, and I've excelled at all of them. This pro-wrestling thing is new to me, though. It's one of the few endeavors I've yet to conquer. That will change in due time.
Don Smith: You've certainly taken right to it for someone who's new to the sport.
Quince Riviera: Considering where I'm from, that shouldn't come as a surprise. Canada has prodcued many a fine wrestler over the history of the sport. I just so happen to be the latest export. (Quince says with a confident smile)
Don Smith: You also seem very confident in yourself. But perhaps you may be a bit too confident. You are aware of what you have to contend with here in the AWF?
(Quince lets out a chuckle)
Quince Riviera: Oh, don't think I came here not knowing what I'm up against. I know full well I got my work cut out for me here. I've heard the stories. Am I confident? Baby, you BETTER believe I'm confident! I know exactly what I'm capable of, and how great I can be. If that bothers some people, then they're just gonna have to learn to deal with it. Don't think for a second that I'm just gonna let guys like Tyrant steamroll over me. No, I'm gonna make 'em work just a little extra harder for it. They're gonna need more than a reputation to keep me down. I got my own reputation too. You'll all be fortunate enough to witness it first-hand.
(Quince faces the camera radiating with bravado)
Quince Riviera: To everyone out there watching, you need only know this. Things around here are about to get verrry verrry interesting.
(Quince delivers a piercing stare into the camera once again returning to her signature smirk as the camera fades to black)

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  re: Vaedra's theme
Posted by: LordVermin - 06-28-2018, 08:44 PM - Forum: AWF: Apocalypse Wrestling Federation - No Replies

I heard some praise for this in the chat, so here's the full thing:

As always with my themes it wasn't just picked simply because I like how it sounds, the word tie directly into her character:

Like a thunder storm it's breaking out
Won't take another blow, and
I'll let you know
I'll never kneel or falter
you are not the only
I'm not crawling back again

I'm still alive
Though I'm old, trite and weary
And I know I'm alive enough
To stand my ground
So there is nothing to revive
I'm still alive

I tried to wash away those filthy lies
Betrayed and lead astray, I
just walked away
and in my darkest hour
I still hear you breathing
Well, you won't get the best of me

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  AWF: Season 1 Announcement
Posted by: LordVermin - 06-28-2018, 05:02 PM - Forum: AWF: Apocalypse Wrestling Federation - No Replies

Now that the UBA title has been awarded, AWF's preseason is over. 

AWF Season 1 will begin simming/recording immediately. There will be 8 episodes in each season and I'm going to sim them/produce them all before I show any of them. Each episode should be about 8 matches and last about 90 minutes, give or take depending on how the sims run. Episode 8 will culminate with Vermin's first UBA title defense as the main event. 

If you have any program ideas or if there are any changes you wish to make to your edits, get them to me before Sunday, July 1st. The same edits will be used for all the sims in each season and I won't take any updates while a season is in the process of being made. This'll be standard procedure for all episodes/seasons moving forward as well.

Once I have solid dates down I'll announce when each episode is airing here. There MAY be an advance card listing for each episode, but I haven't decided on that yet. Episodes will either be streamed on Twitch (most likely be shown on Wednesdays, but since Z isn't using Saturday nights for ZTV right now I might move there instead - I'll announce it here if I do) or possibly uploaded there or to YouTube for viewing once they're finished. That's still TBD.

So, any ideas for your programs or edit changes you want to get in, get them to me by Sunday.

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  From the desk of James William Bain (Last Update: 7/2/18)
Posted by: LordVermin - 06-21-2018, 10:06 AM - Forum: AWF: Apocalypse Wrestling Federation - Replies (1)

From the desk of James William Bain
Acting President, AWF
667 Patriot Avenue, Warehouse B
Southside, Arcadia

To AWF fans and wrestlers:

AWF owner and normal president Vermin, who had been missing for several weeks while disco dancing in Prague, stumbled back home last night in a daze. Apparently, hearing the news that Leon 'Big Van Vader' White moonsaulted off this mortal coil on Monday was enough to rock him back to his senses. There are not many professional wrestlers that Vermin has ever liked, let alone that he actually respects, but Vermin had a great amount of respect and admiration for Vader over the years.

Vader, who in Vermin's eyes was the world's true ultimate badass, was scheduled to be here in Arcadia Wednesday night to award the 'Ultimate Badass Championship' to the winner of our one-night tournament. Obviously this can't happen now. The tournament itself is pending a rescheduling. Vermin has decided he will not be giving out the Ultimate Badass Championship, or UBA, to the winner of the tournament as was originally intended. Instead, he issues the following two edicts and asked me to pass them on to all of you for him while he recovers.

First: from now on, there will be a chair placed at ringside next to the timekeeper's table with the former UBA title belt sitting in it. This is and will always remain Vader's seat. A spotlight will shine on it, and it must never go out.

Second: Since Vader is no longer available to ceremoniously pass the title of ultimate badass on to someone new, and is no longer able to be beaten for that title to allow someone to claim it by force, Vermin has decreed that Vader will remain Ultimate Badass in perpetuity and that the the holder of our AWF title belt will only stand in for him in this life, representing the spirit of Vader as the Ultimate Badass Avatar, or UBA Champion. Yes, he is quite serious, and yes, he considers this a great honor - probably the greatest honor he could think to hand out to a wrestler.

As soon as the tournament is re-scheduled, we will let you know when to look for it. Until then, I strongly urge each and every one of you to keep your distance from Vader's seat unless you are planting a memorial candle or something, because if anyone screws around with it Vermin will end your life without mercy or hesitation. I'm serious. You signed a waiver, legally he can do it, and I promise you he WILL do it. I haven't seen him this distraught since they announced the movie version of Twilight.


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  "The Heartstopper" Oliver Quinn
Posted by: Crimson_Death - 06-08-2018, 06:38 PM - Forum: AWF: Apocalypse Wrestling Federation - Replies (1)

*The camera pans to Don Smith standing outside The Heartstopper's room*

DS: Hello folks Don Smith here again bringing you more interesting interviews. Tonight we are going to see if we can actually talk with The Heartstopper, or if he is going to ignore us once again...

*Don knocks on the door*


DS: Actually we were hoping to talk with you about your experience here in AWF?

*There is a long pause then the door opens with Oliver in jeans and a grey T-shirt*

OQ: Well? What do you want to know? Hurry up I'm a busy man!

DS: Right...So the AWF fans were wondering-

OQ: Alright guy, let me stop you right there. There are no AWF fans. These people tune in to see me. Day in and day out. I am the best this federation has to offer. 

DS: Well...If thats so....Then why did you lose-

OQ: What was that? I didn't lose nothing! Alright so I didn't win my first match, but look at what that delirious behemoth put me up against?! A Chinese Cowboy....What is anyone in their right mind suppose to do in that situation?

DS: He's actually Japane-

OQ: I don't care what he is! Don't interrupt me! Right so I am fighting this Chinese cowboy and you can still smell the cow manure on his boots! If Vermin would've given me a proper opponent I would've been able to show the world why I am the best, but instead that meat head put me up with Chinese Tonto.

DS: He's Japanese, and Tonto isn't a cow-

OQ: You want this interview or not!? Anyways, after that I am told I am to participate in the Royal Death Banaza....I mean really!? So I look at this match as a second chance to show my talents. But instead it was nothing but a blood bath. Vermin decided to participate only to get hit once and took a nap for the rest of the match. Korean Elvis was killed!

DS: He is also Japanese, and he wrestled toni-

OQ: Thats it! One more and I'm slamming this door in your face. Anyways, That Jackal kid laid in a pool of his own blood for most of the match, only to get suplexed out of it so he wouldn't drown. That manic Vermin decided to let the eliminated opponents stay in the damn match! The only reason I lost to that fatman was because I was making sure I didn't get killed! But now that there is more intelligent management since Vermin is off disco-ing all over the place like the lunatic he truly is, I can show the world why I am the best wrestler ever. I showed everyone last week when I won the second Royal Death Banaza, and I did it again tonight when I beat that wanna be Ray Rhodes to compete in the tournament. 

*There is a long pause as though Don is waiting to see if he can talk.*

DS: Congratulations on your victories, but you didn't win tonight's Royal Death Banaza?

OQ: What kind of interviewer are you anyways?

*Oliver looks as his name tag and sees the tape and pulls it off*

OQ: Don Smith isn't even your real name! Willie Stroker?!? Oh wow *Laughs* God your parents must hate you! To give you a name like that! *Laughs again*

*Oliver is overthrown with laughter, and waves Don Smith off as he closes his door*

DS: *sigh* Well folks....You heard it from me Don Sm-

*The door opens abruptly*

OQ: No! *Laughs* Willie Stroker! *Laughs again*

*The Door closes*

DS: *sighs* Yes....Willie Stroker.....Have a good night folks....

*Willie drops his mic and just leaves. The camera pans to the mic and then to Willie leaving and then ends with the sign on the door "The Heartstopper"* 

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  Jeryn Bain
Posted by: LordVermin - 06-07-2018, 10:31 AM - Forum: AWF: Apocalypse Wrestling Federation - No Replies

(AWF reporter Don Smith - whose lanyard nametag has had a white piece of tape with his new name on it pasted over the front - knocks on a dressing room door)

DS: "Miss Bain? Wi-- I mean, Don Smith here with AWF, can I have a few words with you?"

(Jeryn Bain's voice sounds from behind the door)

JB: "Sure. Come on in."

((Don opens the door. When he walks in his eyes go big as dinner plates. Jeryn is standing across the small, private dressing room, butt naked and toweling herself off after her shower. She has one leg raised and planted on a bench and is drying it off. It would be an impressive sight even without the J-cup breasts she is known for - her 6'4 frame towers over Don and the cameraman, but despite that, she isn't incredibly built and looks rather soft, even sporting the beginnings of a belly around her waist. Water drips from the dark brown hair that hangs down in wavy strands over her face. When he picks his jaw up off the floor, Don covers his eyes and tries to move the camera so it points in another direction, but the camera operator fights him to keep looking. Jeryn notices the struggle))

JB: "Oh stop. There's been naked pictures of me out there for years now. Anybody who wants to see it has seen it. I have nothing to hide. Just come in and close the door, you're letting the warm air out."

(Don pulls the camera inside and shuts the door. Jeryn sits down on the bench facing the camera and starts drying off her breasts. Don and the camera watch her do it in silence. It takes her a minute or two to finish - they ARE rather huge - and then she looks up at Don, running the towel over her crotch)

JB: "Well?"

DS: "I-I'm sorry, Miss Bain...."

(Jeryn sighs and reaches into her gym bag, grabbing some white lycra shorts and an old, cut-off t-shirt. She puts them on and sits back down, shaking her head as she puts her hair into a pony tail with a scrunchie)

JB: "Men... haven't you ever seen a naked woman before? I mean we have this thing, you may have heard of it, it's called the internet?"

DS: "Well, yes, but not one as b-- um-- I mean, not like you, miss, no."

JB (grins slightly) : "I guess I'll take that as a compliment. Thank you."

DS: "Um, yes, the interview. The website wanted me to get your impressions of your new surroundings. There's been a few shows now, and I understand you were on the dark matches tonight?"

JB: "Yes. They wanted to put me in that Bonanza thing but I said no."

DS: "Oh, um.. too rough for you?"

JB (chuckles) : "I've lived in a cabin in Canada with Vermin for some weeks once - one shower, one toilet, no privacy, sub-zero temperatures and for some reason I made myself chop wood in the nude while a blizzard came down around me. Believe me, nothing is too rough for me. Actually, I have a date this weekend and I don't want to explain to him why I have a bunch of stitches in my forehead. For some reason, most men kind of freak out when they find out you beat people up for a living."

DS: "Fair enough."

JB: "As for AWF, well... I was there at the tail end of EFW and I was briefly in that circus called WTF, so I know a little bit about craziness. To tell you the truth, it's far quieter back here in the dressing room area than it ever was in EFW. It's actually kind of nice."

DS: "Nice? I wouldn't have figured you'd say that."

JB: (shrugs) : "To each their own..."  (she looks down at his nametag, knits her eyebrows for a second in confusion at the tape, then looks back up) "... Don. This place might be a bit crazy IN the ring, but back here, with no Jacksons or Bowens or Dods or Sickos running around trying to kill each other, it's.. peaceful. I like being able to concentrate on my job in the ring for once."

DS: "Speaking of that: you qualified for the UBA title tournament. As a former EFW Grand Champion you'd have to be considered one of the early favorites. Your first round opponent hasn't been announced yet. Do you have any preference?"

(Jeryn leans down to put her shoes on, dangling her huge breasts in front of the camera. The camera starts to zoom in on them but Don punches the camera operator in the ribs and motions him to stop)

JB: "Well I'm kind of intrigued by this Kelsdottir."

DS: "Vaedra? She won't grant us interviews."

JB: "Really? Just being a bitch about it?"

DS: "No, not really, she's polite enough. She just doesn't want to talk on camera."

(Jeryn sits for a minute in thought, then nods)

JB: "Alright, I suppose there's nothing wrong with that. I've heard stories about her stamina - supposedly she can last a long time."

(The cameraman chortles, sounding like Beavis. Jeryn looks at him and narrows her eyes. Don punches him again and he abruptly stops)

JB: "Anyway, from what I understand she works very hard on her conditioning every day. I'm curious as to what her limits are."

DS: "Anyone else?"

JB: "Well, let's see.. Vermin, Red and Mike I already know, and of course my Uncle J-- I mean, Tyrant. Everybody knows Mr. Wiggles, unfortunately. Quince is an interesting one, too, but I guess it'd be Oliver Quinn."

DS: "Quinn? Why him?"

JB (sighs and frowns at herself) : "His abs. Not gonna lie, the dude is hot, but if that's any indication of his personality he's probably a class-A douchebag. Have you interviewed him yet?"

DS: "No, he had a sign on the door of his dressing room saying 'Keep Out - Heartstopper At Work'."

JB: (sighs again) : "Figures. Why are the pretty ones always so dumb?" (she drops her head into her hands) "Dammit, that came out wrong. Listen, go on, leave before I say anything else stupid."

DS: "Sure thing, thank you miss Bain!"

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  AWF Mods Discussion
Posted by: LordVermin - 06-05-2018, 09:18 AM - Forum: AWF: Apocalypse Wrestling Federation - Replies (4)

Hey guys. I enabled the mod suite today and kicked the tires on it some. I've decided to enable some of the mod options for future AWF sims. These mods are currently in effect. I've run sims to test them out and I've seen no major issues. If you've got any issue with any of them, let me know.

The mod suite has a jobber database. When I add a wrestler to it, they basically start a match 90% dead. So we'll be able to use them for their intended purpose now and I've created a few new ones for us to beat up on.

Deathmatch Changes
Wrestlers can now fight outside the ring in the landmine area and do corner post moves in deathmatches.

Referee Changes
The referee now gives a 5-count to rope break a submissions
If the referee sees a wrestler use a weapon in the ring, they are instantly DQ'd. As far as I can tell, this only affects the weapons that you have to pick up - the sickle and fork are not subject to instant DQ.

Moves done from the top rope that pin are no longer subject to rope breaks.

All wrestlers have a small chance to throw their opponents onto the ring apron from the ring to attempt apron grapple moves.

Direct weapon attacks by wrestlers with the 'Hardcore' special skill have a very small chance to Critical. 

Available Mods
Here are some of the options the mod suite can give us that I currently DO NOT have enabled. I'm not terribly for or against any of these, but I thought I'd throw them out there and get some opinions from you guys.

1: WWE Style Submissions
This will make it so that submission holds that aren't marked as either a sig or finisher can't cause a submission. You'd be able to use them late in matches without worrying about the so-called 'random submission win'.

2: Weapon Critical Options
Right now, the mod suite is set to allow all weapon shots to potentially critical at a very low rate. I can adjust that rate, I can turn the weapons criticals back off, and I can also switch it so that only wrestlers with the 'Hardcore' special skill can get weapon crits. I'm personally fine with everyone being able to crit with them at a low rate - you ARE being hit in the face with a 10 pound hunk of steel - but the Hardcore option is also attractive as it gives that rarely used special skill more value. What do you guys think?

3: Possible DQ on Ref Bump
When a ref bump occurs, the ref will sometimes DQ the guilty party.

4: No rope breaks after sig/finisher
Whenever a move marked sig or finisher is hit, the pin following it (or the move itself if it pins) won't be subject to rope breaks. Not sure how this works for submissions, which could be a deal breaker.

5: Falls Count Anywhere
I'm listing this here so you guys know it exists as a match option. It's not something we'd turn on and leave on, but it's a cool option to have for specific matches.

6: Protected Finishers
There is a protected finishers database in the mod suite. I can add wrestlers to it. If a wrestler in that database, their finisher becomes an instant kill - Jake's DDT style. There are several ways this could be used, but I personally think if we use it at all it could be used to elevate truly legendary finishing moves to their proper status. Right now, the only edit in AWF that it would potentially apply to is Tyrant, who made the Judgment Bomb as close to a sure thing as any move I've ever seen. I don't know if hard-coded sure things are a good idea in FP, though - it's not exactly consistent with when and where it does finishers.

7: Sigs & Finishers Critical
When Finisher Only is selected as a critical type, any of the wrestler's moves marked as sig or finisher can potentially critical instead of just the finisher. Critical groups will override this - if you have Suplex critical, only the usual suplex moves will be able to critical regardless of what you have marked. Also, the switch won't enable criticals on moves that are hard-coded to not be able to critical (like the texas cloverleaf or sharpshooter).

I'd love to hear you guys' thoughts on all this.

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