LV's Scribblings

You may not know this, but from 1997 until 2010, SOP was pretty much a one-man show. I, LordVermin, did 99.9% of all the updates and material here. I've had repeated requests that these rants, reviews and other assorted nonsense that I wrote between 1999 and 2008 be reposted here, so here they are. I make no claims that any of what is on this page will be entertaining in the slighest, but hell, if the SOP readers kept asking for it back, there must be SOMETHING there, right?

Looking back at these makes some of what's happened to me in recent years look pretty hilarious, the most confusing thing of all being how I let myself buy Street Fighter 4 and Super Street Fighter 4.

Date Title
9-15-2000Joe Bob
1-29-2001ODCM and Gaming Media Hypocrisy
11-06-2001Review: Baldur's Gate II
3-4-2002Review: State of Emergency
5-6-2002Review: Dark Age of Camelot
5-6-2002Review: Virtua Fighter 4
5-15-2002Review: Dynasty Warriors 4
5-15-2002I Hate Fighting Games
11-30-2002Pimps are Fucking Scum, FF7 Is The Most Overrated Game of All Time and Sephiroth is a Total Pussy
5-5-2003The Punisher
7-30-2003An Ode to Diana Kauffman
3-22-2004Review: Bubble Bobble
5-17-2004I've Had Enough
5-26-2004Review: Samurai Warriors
6-21-2004The RTS Myth
9-24-2004Reviews: KOTOR and Fable
10-18-2004Kill Quinten, Vol.1
8-12-2005Jack Thompson Is YOUR Fault
12-29-2005MMO Players -HAVE- Lives, It's Their Detractors That Don't
2-22-2008Why Billy Bob Thornton Shouldn't Make Games