This section contains one-shot content, discontinued series and other assorted nonsense from the first ten years of's life.

Random Stuff
Motal Kombat EXPOSED!
Ding Dong: China's Misfit Warlord
The Story of the Long Island Sickos
Holy Diver's Lyrics Finally Cracked
Bad Dudes Advertising
Transration Goblins
Folks Don't Front You Cause You Got The Juice
Spray-on Hair & Rafts
The Lean, Mean, Wallet Reducin' Gaming Machine
Operation: Rogue Rainbow
All I Want For X-Mas is a NDS
He wasn't always pink.
And I always have.
LordVermin's Personal Arcade
Take the music quiz!
Game Guides and Tribute Pages
Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! A beginners guide.
A complete dungeon map of Legacy of the Wizard
Weehawk's Shrine to Castlevania
Contributions from Others
Weehawk's Happy Fun Corner
YRD's review of The Thing for PS2
An advice column for lonely adbots.
Z-Force's illustrated history of his time in Azeroth
Z-Force's Deluxe Dynasty Warriors 3 Guide
Z-Force's Dynasty Warriors 5 Guide
Archive of Z-Force's FFC E-Fed