Whistle Hunter v1.2

Welcome to the official website for Whistle Hunter, a video game created by LordVermin, the fine, upstanding webmaster at Sickos On Parade. Whistle Hunter is an Operation Wolf-style scrolling first person shooter starring Phantasy Star II's biomonster hunter Rudolph Steiner.

The goal of Whistle Hunter is very simple - destroy all Whistles! The more Whistles you kill, the more points you score. The longer you last, the harder the game gets, and the harder it is the more points you get per Whistle kill. Don't be a Private Pyle, kill! KILL!!

Whistle Hunter was created entirely in Macromedia Flash MX 2004 and was coded by one guy with no prior programming experience and no resources available to help except a Google search. I never sent one e-mail or posted one message on any forum regarding this game - all the coding answers I needed were available already on the 'net.

The latest version released is: Whistle Hunter 2.0b