Make it quick... I want to retire.

Glass Joe is listed as having a record of 1-99 with 1 KO. We suspect this is due to him knocking himself out when he hit his head on the sink while bending over for Super Macho Man.

Sickos On was established in March of 1998 as a place for me to house some of the character writing I was doing as part of a Fire Pro Wrestling e-fed. It soon mutated into a video game humor site, one of the first on the net and probably one of the longest lived. My net handle is LordVermin - I am your humble host and was the primary content provider for SoP for the first decade. My brother, who goes by Weehawk, and his best friend Hannibal also made contributions in the early years.

Over the course of the last ten years, this website has been responsible for introducing me (one way or another) to some of the best friends I have ever had. In August of 2010, I decided to invite some of these longtime dedicated SoP readers to join the team as official contributors. Their articles should hopefully return in the near future.

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